Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following FAQs carefully.

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  • What will I get out of the program?

    By encouraging you to engage with other students from different countries and cultures, this program will help you understand the role culture plays in communication and interaction, and how activities are often experienced differently by the people involved. You will learn to understand the differences and similarities between your culture and the culture of another student, as well as grow your cultural awareness, which can be applied to any workplace or society.

    You will also:

    • Receive a certificate (on successful completion of the program)
    • Develop intercultural communication skills that can be applied to your everyday and professional interactions
    • Increase your employability, at home and abroad
    • Be able to count the hours spent on the program towards the Adelaide Graduate Award
  • Is this program only available for students in a certain year-level or discipline?

    No, you may register for the program at any point throughout your studies here at the University of Adelaide, and your level of study does not matter. We accept all University of Adelaide students.

  • If I register for the program, am I guaranteed to be matched?

    We do our best to match each and every student who registers, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place you in a group as it depends on the number of students who register and their respective cultural backgrounds. The best way to avoid missing out is to self-match.


  • I attended an information session, does this mean I am registered for the program?

    Registrations for an information session is not the same as the registration for the actual program. You will need to submit the registration form in order to be considered for the program. 

  • When will the program start and how long will it last?

    The program officially begins once you receive an email from us confirming that you have been matched in a group of 3-4 students. This generally happens one week after registrations have closed for the semester you have registered for.

    The program will be run over a period of five weeks.  

    For more information see: 'how does it work?'

  • Can I state any preferences regarding the student(s) I am matched with?

    In the registration form, you can state if you would prefer to be in a group with at least one other students of the same gender as you. Any other preferences can be considered but not guaranteed.

    We are unable to accept preferences regarding the cultural background of the other student(s). In your working life, you will not get to choose the people you work with; you will experience working with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds that you are unfamiliar with, and we want this program to reflect that. However, you do have the option to self-match if you would like to participate with a friend or friends of specific cultural backgrounds.

  • Can I choose the student(s) I am matched with?

    Yes, we encourage self-matching. There will be some opportunity to meet other students in the information sessions that we run, where you may meet someone you would like to do the program with. Ideally, you will include the details of the student(s) you self-match with in your registration form. Should you already have registered yet now wish to self-match, you will be able to do so by sending an email to and provide the details of the students you would like to be self-matched with. But this change will only be possible in case you have not yet been matched by the Global IQ Connect team. 

  • I've been matched - now what?

    Once the matching is over and you will have received a confirmation e-mail from the Global IQ Connect team, you will be invited to the first module, ‘Introduction'.

    Each week you should catch up, online with your group members, or at least with one of your group members, discuss the task given to you, introduce your respective cultures to each other (*) and reflect on the role culture plays in your life and in the way you react to situations. The catch-ups don’t need to be lengthy and they count towards the total of 10 – 15 hours you need to commit to when participating in this program. Please note that you and your group members manage the catch-ups. The Global IQ Connect team is not responsible for organising them. We strongly advise you plan them in advance and put them in your calendar.

  • Do I need to keep a record of the hours I spend with my group?

    Yes, it is crucial that you record the time you spend together as a group discussing cultural topics because it is a prerequisite to obtaining the certificate. You can claim the actual number of hours you spent in the program with a maximum of 15 hours. We strongly recommend you log your hours each week. In addition to completing the program and receiving a certificate, you must record all dates, times, locations and brief descriptions of your meetings. 

    More information about how your Global IQ Connect hours can count towards the Adelaide Graduate Award can be found on how does it work? or via the Adelaide Graduate Award website.

  • What is a reflection piece?

    An important part of Global IQ Connect is your ability to reflect on your experience and the intercultural skills you have developed. Therefore, in order to receive a certificate for completing the program, you must submit several reflection pieces individually (tasks) during the four weeks of the program. 

    The reflection piece can be in any form that you like; a video/audio (1-2 min per week if done individually) or  (2-3 min per week if done as a group), a written piece (minimum of 250 - 350 per week), a PowerPoint presentation, a photo album with text, etc.

    You need to submit your reflection piece individually, not as a group. The only exception is a video/audio, which you can submit as a group. We need to clearly see your individual contribution.

  • If I cannot contact my student(s), or they withdraw from the program, will I be re-matched?

    This program is only five weeks long, so you need to communicate and get in touch with your group members as soon as you receive the confirmation e-mail or latest at the first workshop, Introduction. Please contact the Global IQ Connect team within the first week if you cannot contact your group members or if they have notified you of their withdrawal. We will try our best to re-match you with another student or group, although this cannot be guaranteed.

  • Am I able to withdraw from the program?

    When registering for this program you need to commit to 10 – 15 hours of your time over the given period of five weeks. If you are however finding that you are not able to commit to this program, you may withdraw at any time, but please communicate this to your group members and the Global IQ Connect team as soon as possible.