"Participating in the Global IQ Connect program gave me a new perspective on China and Chinese culture. It gave me an opportunity to develop my cultural intelligence in an informal and creative way."

Georgina (Faculty of the Professions)



"I have enjoyed the experience of spending time with someone from another culture, something I have not spent time doing in the past, and I feel more prepared to tackle situations in which cultural differences cause disagreements. I will keep my mind open to cultural differences, and look for the opportunity to engage with more peoples and cultures."

Ryan (Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences)



"The program is a good way to know different cultures and to learn how to think in a different way. Make a good choice and join the Global IQ program!"

Chen (Leo) (Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences)



"Through becoming more aware of other cultures, we also become more aware of our own, and what it means to be a part of that. One of the things we did together was go to a dinner/event for the first week of Ramadan. This was eye-opening for me as an Australian, being completely surrounded by people of another cultural way of life and seeming to be the odd one out in a way."

Natasha (Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences)


Georgina & Chen

"The program introduced me to Leo, who has taught me so much about China and Chinese culture. Leo has become a close friend - and a member of my family."

Georgina & Chen (Leo) (Global IQ Connect partners)



"Hanlu and I covered a great number of topics in our time together as part of Global IQ Connect. It was a strange but really rewarding experience to be asked about broad topics in our society that we otherwise don’t always think about in any great detail. I found myself learning not only through all the things that Hanlu told me, but also in the way I articulated and expressed my own views on Australian society."

Jacob (Faculty of Arts)



My thoughts about Chinese culture have changed. Participating in this Global IQ Connect experience and interacting with Chuntang, has allowed me to meet and get to know him on a personal level. This interaction was very successful in broadening my cultural awareness and I would recommend others participating in similar experiences.

Lisette (Faculty of Sciences)



Having the opportunity to participate in the Global IQ Connect program has been very helpful, both on a general level in terms of dealing with other cultures and expanding my cultural sensitivity, and on a more specific level, that could be very helpful in my professional life.

Brett Geue (Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences)