How Does It Work?

Global IQ Connect is a short, highly engaging virtual program offering a mix of cultural workshops and opportunities to engage with fellow students from diverse backgrounds.

Program basics:

  • Run over five consecutive weeks
  • One topic per week delivered through workshops
  • Workshop for entire group offered through Zoom or Face-to-Face (60 minutes per session)
  • Weekly task encouraging you to reflect on what you learned
  • A weekly meeting with your group members (three or four in total) for cultural discussions either virtual or face to face
  • Expected time commitment: 10 – 15 hours
  • Access to Guide to Culture and Intercultural Communication
  • Receive a certificate of completion (for details please see conditions below) 
  • Workshops will be limited to 40 participants, and may be cancelled if there are less than 20 participants
  • Students who participated in the program prior to 2020 may participate again, though students who participated in the program more recently may not
  • You will be able to express your preferred workshop however the Global IQ management will ultimately decide based on workshop capacity limits and the cultural diversity available in each workshop
  • 1: Apply for the program

    Apply to take part in Global IQ Connect Program

    We do our best to match each and every student who registers, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place you in a group as it depends on the number of students who register and their respective cultural backgrounds.

    Once you have registered and the registration deadline has passed, the matching will commence. You have the option to decide yourself which students you wish to be matched with or you will be matched as a group of 3-4 students by us. By choosing this self-matched option, you can avoid being disappointed and can determine your fellow students of this program, however please note that your fellow students will have to be from different cultural backgrounds. You will be notified by e-mail who you are matched with.

    2021 - Round 5

    Registration open: Wednesday, 8 September 2021

    Information session: Tuesday, 14 September 2021

    Registration deadline: Sunday, 19 September 2021

    Confirmation email sent on: Friday, 24 September 2021

    Start of program: Tuesday, 28 September 2021

    End of program: Wednesday, 27 October 2021

  • 2: Contact your matched group members & plan weekly online/face-to-face (with social distancing!) meetings

    Once the matching is complete and you have received a confirmation e-mail from the program management team, you will be added to the MuUni course.

    Each week you should catch up online or Face-to-Face with your group members, or at least with one group member, discuss the task given to you, introduce your respective cultures to each other (*) and reflect on the role culture plays in your life and in the way you react to situations. Those group meetings are essential to your intercultural skills development and an important part of this program. They don’t need to be lengthy but regular, and the more time you can spend together, the better. They count towards the total of approximately 10 – 15 hours you need to commit to when participating in this program. Please note that you and your group members manage the catch-ups. The Global IQ Connect team is not responsible for organising them. We strongly advise you to plan your catch-ups in advance.

    It is crucial that you record the time you spend in the cultural workshops and together as a group discussing the tasks and cultural topics because your time log is a prerequisite to obtaining the certificate.

    (*) See What is Global IQ Connect? for ideas on what kind of topics you might also wish to discuss with your group members.

    As a participant you will have access to an online resource about the fundamentals of culture and how we are affected by it. The online Guide to culture and intercultural communication will also be provided to you in MyUni.

  • 3: Culture and cultural intelligence ('CQ')

    The aim of the Guide to Culture and Inter Cultural Communication is to explain what you are experiencing through the program and help you understand certain cultural aspects which you will then be able to apply in your conversations and interactions, whilst further developing your cultural intelligence.

    Accessing this resource is not compulsory, but will be highly beneficial to you both personally and professionally.

    *Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations, including national, ethnic, organisational, generational, and many other cultures. The research behind Cultural Intelligence is based on the extensive research undertaken of other forms of intelligence, such as academic intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), etc. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is specifically focussed on capabilities in multicultural settings (Cultural Intelligence Center).

  • 4: Create and submit reflection piece

    In addition to attending the weekly workshops, it is important to actually reflect on the things you are learning, observing and experiencing. That is the reason why you will be given a small weekly task. 

    • Written piece: 250 – 350 words per week, written individually


    • Video: 1-2 minutes per week, if recorded individually. If recorded as a group 3-4 minutes (*) 


    • Audio: 1-2 minutes per week, if recorded individually. If recorded as a group 3-4 minutes (*)

    (*) If you record your video or audio as a group, please ensure each group member uploads the video/audio individually. We need to clearly see your individual contribution.

    The weekly task will be directly linked to the workshops and should be a reflection piece, not a report.

Conditions to obtaining a certificate of completion

  • Attend three out of the five cultural workshops
  • Submit three out of the four reflection tasks
  • Submit your time log (Timelog-Global IQ Connect) with a list of hours engaged and topics discussed in your small group

The Adelaide Graduate Award

Participation in Global IQ Connect can also be counted toward the Adelaide Graduate Award, a free program available to all currently enrolled students, which recognises your extra-curricular activities.

Your certificate may be used as evidence for 10-15 hours (depending on what you submitted) toward the Adelaide Graduate Award. You can claim up to 15 hours with a certificate plus a journal of the dates, times, location and brief description of meetings as evidence. If you want to claim more than 15 hours, you must keep a detailed journal of all your hours and have your Global IQ Connect partner sign off on the meetings and provide their contact details as a referee for the award. 

For more information on please visit the Adelaide Graduate Award website.

Study Overseas Ambassador program

Though the Study Overseas Ambassador program is not currently running, you may have the opportunity to apply for it in the future.

You would volunteer to represent and promote Global IQ Connect, as well as other Study Overseas programs, to fellow students during Orientation Week, at events and presentations, in your Faculty or School, etc. For details about this new Study Overseas Ambassadors program, please click here.

Personal safety

We anticipate that all students will have a fun and rewarding experience in the Global IQ Connect program. Moreover, you have the right to feel safe at all times – and if your matched students behaviour makes you feel overly uncomfortable, then it is your responsibility to speak up. Your personal safety is a priority.

Living and socialising in an unfamiliar environment is not easy, particularly if that new environment presents cultural norms and habits which seem or indeed are different from the ones you are used to. You might question whether a certain behaviour is right or wrong, therefore acceptable or not. You might not understand the cultural context which in turn can create great uncertainty. Although you shouldn’t ever feel unsafe, remember that feeling slightly uncomfortable initially is all part of the experience of learning about another culture.

It is extremely important to know about, respect and also set personal boundaries. The understanding and interpretation of what is considered ‘personal boundaries’ is certainly not the same in all the countries around the world. An example of that are the varying greeting rituals. In some countries people kiss each other on the cheek one or several times, even if they meet for the first time. In other parts of the world that would be unthinkable, or even considered unacceptable behaviour. It would be called ‘Inappropriate behaviour’.  

Whatever the local cultural norms might be, if you feel unsure about a specific behaviour you are experiencing while being in the Global IQ Connect program, then please speak up. Do not accept inappropriate behaviour! Immediately get in touch with Annette Wheatley, Coordinator Cultural Intelligence Programs, by phone (tel: 8313 2284), e-mail ( or by meeting with Annette on campus.

Be safe, keep safe!

For information about personal safety, including sexual harassment and sexual assault, please visit the Safer Campus Community website.