Digital Engagement Checklist

Our Careers Digital Engagement Checklist is here to make sure you have all the right steps in place to engage with our students, no matter where you are based.

Whether you are in South Australia, interstate or overseas we welcome you to engage with our students and ensure your brand presence is growing. 

Our team is here to support you every step of the way and talk through your unique needs. To get you started, here are our handy tips for virtual engagement, accessible from anywhere in the world. 

Digital Engagement Checklist

  1. List your opportunities on our jobs board (it's free to list direct - ask us how)
  2. Chat with us about live events and Webinars (available now with our easy and free tech)
  3. Talk to us about showcasing your 'day in the life' videos and recruitment resources 
  4. Let us help you to host virtual small-group chats or meetings with students (using our free tech, we do all the set up)
  5. Gather your mates. Is your industry working through a change or challenge? We can run a Virtual Panel for several organisations - all from a distance and keep your perspectives fresh for our students no matter where you are based.
  6. Ask us about how we can profile your UoA Graduates and showcase their life at your organisation
  7. Use one of our two digital interview tools (one allows you to screen/interview students as part of your recruitment process, another allows you to have a live interview or breakout assessment centre)
  8. Speak with us about targeted messages to your student groups
  9. Become a mentor. All of our mentoring programs have flexible delivery options with meetings that can take place online. We've been doing this for years with our interstate and international mentors. Space isn't a barrier for us to share knowledge and guidance. 
  10. Speak with our team - we have endless ideas to help you engage and we love to listen to your challenges and help you work through them.

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