ThincLab is The University of Adelaide's business incubator supporting students, alumni, staff and startups.

At ThincLab, we guide you through genuine coaching and programs from a variety of industry experts to take your idea to the market. 

Being a part of ThincLab means you will be involved in a knowledge-rich and encouraging community where we embrace the entrepreneurial journey. ThincLab is powered by the Adelaide Business School.

We support students, startups and the ecosystem.

For Students, Staff & Alumni

We support University of Adelaide students in a multitude of ways through entrepreneurial programs:

How we help students

  • eChallenge - Earn credit as you bring your ideas to life.
  • Tech eChallenge - Develop apps, tech and software solutions for course credit, guided by industry pros.
  • ThincHer - Empowering women students through an extra-curricular program.

For Startups

We support startups at any stage in their entrepreneurial journey:

How we help startups

  • ThincStart - Tailored for early-stage ventures refining their MVPs, aiming for product-market fit.
  • ThincScale - For businesses ready to scale, with customers and revenue, focusing on raising capital and managing growth logistics.
  • ThincGrowth - Advanced support for companies expanding and planning for an eventual exit from ThincLab.

We help your innovation succeed

  • Business Coaching

  • Programs

  • Co-Working Space

  • Community of 150+ Startups

  • Give Back

  • ThincLab Events

Why ThincLab?

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Our Programs

We have a variety of courses to support students, start-ups and the ecosystem.

Our programs

Our startups

ThincLab supports founders from any industry sector. As a ThincLab Member you become part of our startup community.

Our startups

Our experts

ThincLab engages with a number of experts in a range of fields, who provide structured support to those founders looking to scale their business in South Australia. 

Our experts

Entrepreneurship is about disrupting the way we do things and replacing that with something better than what we had before.

Prof Noel Lindsay

Professor Noel Lindsay

Dean of Business and Pro Vice Chancellor (Entrepreneurship)