ThincLab is powered by the Adelaide Business School and is the University’s flagship business incubator. It is a unique place to develop your venture.

Much more than just a space, you will be part of a dynamic community and have access to tools, resources, mentorship and valuable networks that will help advance your innovation. 

Working at ThincLab means becoming part of a knowledge-rich community. ThincLab welcomes students, staff, alumni, entrepreneurs and founders from any industry sector to be part of this exciting start-up ecosystem.


Are you a University of Adelaide student?

University of Adelaide students are able to access ThincLab facilities and programs in Adelaide or Waite by application.

If you are a student, and have a business or an idea, please contact the ThincLab team. 

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Lift Cancer Care

Cancer casts a long, dark shadow over countless Australian families; its impact vast and multi-layered. That it threatens lives is confronting enough. But the fact its treatment can be so debilitating, both physically and mentally, that some patients wish they’d never started it, adds a cruelty beyond measure.




Ask yourself if you have the energy, confidence and entrepreneurial smarts to bring your vision to life?



Real Serious Games

When your business specialises in creating high-end virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions, like Brisbane’s Real Serious Games, you get used to the idea anything’s possible.