Our Experts

Thinclab engages with a number of experts in a range of fields, who provide structured support to those founders looking to scale their business in South Australia. 

Below are our key experts currently working closely with our companies

  • Joel Abraham - Growth and Strategy

    Joel Abraham

    Joel Abraham along with his brother, has successfully grown his family business, the Australian Institute of Business to become the largest MBA provider in Australia and one of the largest private higher education institutions in Australia. Highlights include:

    • Increased revenues by more than 50X with a significant EBITDA levels
    • produced more than 10,000 MBA graduates
    • developed and implemented an industry leading customer acquisition model and value proposition
    • build a highly successful transnational operations with distribution across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
    • employ 275 full-time staff in Adelaide with several hundred contractors

    Joel has a Bachelor of Commerce and the International Certificate in Corporate Finance from Columbia University (NY, USA).

  • David Bartholomeusz - Entrepreneurship

    David Bartholomeusz

    David is a serial entrepreneur and super dad who spends more time volunteering than working on his businesses and more time with his kids than he does volunteering. He is known for his explorations in behavioural economics and applied evolutionary psychology with a particular interest in habit systems and organic growth of communities.

    David is part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and is ThincLab’s Entrepreneur Facilitator and delivers our ThincStart and ThincScale programs.

  • Geoff Kwitko - Digital Marketing

    Geoff Kwitko

    Geoff Kwitko is digital marketing consultant with 17 years of proven success. First Geoff founded and sold 3 of his own technology companies by the age of 25.  Next he grew and helped grow & sell another 3 client companies as a consultant. Then he advised and trained over 250 Adelaide companies in digital marketing. Geoff specializes in marketing strategy, social media, online advertising, SEO, web design, video, lead generation, CRM, email & marketing funnels.

  • Sanja Jovanovic - Public Speaking and Communication

    Sanja Jovanonic

    Sanja is an award winning public speaking coach and mentor based in Adelaide. She has worked with TEDx speakers, startup founders, diplomats and global thought leaders to develop their stage and screen confidence in presentation skills. Whether it be a pitch for funding, keynote speech or media call, Sanja can help craft the talk, handle the public speaking fear and nail the presentation with confidence.

  • Michael Macolino - AgTech

    Michael Macolino

    As a technology and business strategist, Michael focuses on the commercialization and adoption of AgTech and technologies which enable a sustainable environment.

    Throughout his career as an entrepreneur and consultant, he have built businesses and delivered projects across a broad range of industries, with a common theme of utilizing technology to drive efficiency and growth.

    In recent years he has moved from operating his own businesses, to be an advisor and mentor of founders and innovators. Michael is deeply involved in the development of the AgTech and South Australian Startup Eco-systems, through his roles as AgTech Lead at BDO Australia, Lead mentor at SproutX and AgTech expert at ThincLab.