ThincHer Committee


Hone your leadership skills further by being part of the organising committee, where you will plan and execute events, connect with potential sponsors, and increase the community's visibility through strategic social media outreach.

Committee teams

The ThincHer committee includes a diverse range of teams dedicated to coordinating the program. The six organising teams include; Event Coordination, Sponsorship, Social Media, Masterclass, Awareness Builder, and Blog Writer teams. Within each team, a dedicated leader is assigned to oversee operations, track meeting notes, and maintain direct communication with ThincHer's student ambassador.

Adelaide Graduate Award

The ThincHer committee is a volunteering program that is recognised as part of the Adelaide Graduate Award and will be formally acknowledged on your transcript.

Please email to register your interest in joining the organising committee.

Meet your 2023 ThincHer committee leaders

Vanessa Mercurio

ThincHer Student Ambassador

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Corporate Finance)

Alysha Eckert

Event Coordinator Team Leader

Bachelor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Yeganeh Soltanpour

Partnership Team Leader

Master of Business Administration

Dana Lightbody

Social Media Team Leader

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Christel Cherryadi

Masterclass Team Leader

Masters in Immersive Media Technology

Kelly Chung

Awareness Builder Team Leader

Bachelor of Economics

Onnie Chan

Blog Writer Team Leader

Master of Immersive Media Technologies

ThincHer teams

Event coordination team

Event coordinators ensure successful ThincHer events. They handle planning, setup, budgeting, attendee management, equipment coordination, and run sheets for seamless operations.

Partnership team

As sponsorship coordinator, secure valuable sponsorships for ThincHer events. Reach out to sponsors, highlight benefits, forge collaborations, and leverage coordination expertise.

Social Media team

ThincHer's Social Media Coordinators curate captivating content, brainstorm ideas, and deliver thought-provoking posts to maintain our online community.

Masterclass team

Join our masterclass team, coordinate exceptional learning experiences. Identify talented speakers, ensure alignment, deliver engaging sessions, plan logistics, promote events, gather feedback, develop skills, empower community.

Awareness builder team

As an awareness builder, spread the word effectively. Engage with lecturers, showcase ThincHer with branded T-shirts, and share social media posts. Let's raise awareness and make an impact together!

Blog writer team

As a blog writer, you'll create engaging content on relevant topics, providing valuable resources for personal growth. Let's inspire and uplift our ThincHer community.