Our Chief Student Entrepreneur

The University of Adelaide has recently appointed our 2023 Chief Student Entrepreneur, Onnie Chan.

The role has been developed in order to raise awareness of programs designed to support current students with developing their innovation skills and building entrepreneurial capacity. Our Chief Student Entrepreneur will assist students with support in navigating the start up eco system and inspiring students to consider an entrepreneurial path, one that will in turn enhance future career prospects.

Onnie Chan

Onnie Chan

About our Chief Student Entrepreneur

Onnie Chan has a long history of innovation within the creative technologies entrepreneurial sector. As co-founder and Artistic Director of Banana Effect, a company based in Hong Kong, she collaborated with the local arts community.

After undertaking an Art Fellowship at Yale University in the United States, Onnie relocated to Adelaide, where she founded the Women in Creative Technologies group at the University of Adelaide alongside completing her Masters in Immersive Media Technologies.

Onnie will raise awareness of the many programs available at ThincLab to University of Adelaide students that can develop their innovation skills and entrepreneurial capacity.