The Fay Gale Centre develops, promotes and expands existing research excellence in the field of Gender within the University of Adelaide, and builds on the University's commitment to promote social justice, equality and diversity in the community and its own workplace.

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From Theory to Practice - Leveraging Feminist Approaches to Care

The Fay Gale Centre was excited to host our Academy of Social Sciences workshop - From Theory to Practice - Leveraging Feminist Approaches to Care - in July 2022.  The Academy generously funded up to 20 invited participants from around Australia for this workshop. 

RECORDING - Roe vs Wade: An Epochal Shift? Roundtable Discussion

The Fay Gale Centre hosted A. Prof Barbara Baird, Flinders University; Prof John Williams, University of Adelaide, and Dr Erica Millar from La Trobe for a roundtable event on Tuesday the 21st of June, prior to the overturning of Roe vs Wade by the US Supreme court. Click the above title for the event recording. The passcode is: FayGale2022!

Please keep in mind that the quality of the audio towards the end of the recording has some problems.

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Article: Gendered Mundanities

Gendered Mundanities: Gender Bias in Student Evaluations of Teaching in Political Science, Katherine Gerber, Katie Brennan, David Duriesmith & Ellyse Fenton (2022). "Much research has been undertaken on gender bias in student evaluations of teaching (SETs) in universities, with inconsistent findings. We undertake a qualitative analysis of the comments in four years of SETs in a school of political science and international relations in a highly regarded Australian university. We ask, can the same evaluations produce different results when analysed qualitatively rather than quantitatively? And do students evaluate male-identified and female-identified teachers differently, and if so what are the differences? We show that qualitative analysis can reveal gender bias that is invisible in quantitative analysis. We find that female-identified staff are evaluated more positively than their male counterparts for undertaking time-intensive, stereotypically feminine, emotional labour. Male-identified staff are evaluated more positively for their technical expertise and teaching style. This suggests SETs evaluate gender-stereotypical behaviour rather than only teaching quality, and has significant implications for their use in universities."



Book Launch: Mentored to Perfection

Please join us to celebrate the book 'Mentored to Perfection: The masculine terms of success in academia,' by Professor Simone Dennis and Associate Professor Alison Behie. The book explores how well-intentioned mentoring schemes for women in academia unwittingly undergrid and reproduce the very hierarchical structures of patriarchy that they are trying to overcome.  How can mentoring programs for women disrupt institutional paths to success that remain highly gendered?  Please RSVP to the event here. When: Oct 26th, 3-4pm. Where: Ingkarni Wardli, level 7.



Barabara Kidman Fellowships 2022: Information Session

The University of Adelaide Barbara Kidman Women's Fellowship Scheme is designed to support female academics to enhance and promote their career. The Scheme offers opportunities to enhance, maintain, or re-invigorate research momentum, and assist the Fellowship recipients in applying for, and assuming, enhanced roles in the near future. Preference will be given to those staff whose research momentum has been affected by caring responsibilities, resulting in career-disruption or reduced working hours. More information on the scheme can be found here.  The information session with be taking place on Friday 23rd, from 10:30-11:30 am over zoom. Zoom link here: https://adelaide.zoom.us/j/82047826165?pwd=YVZ2TURnOWNFRXlGc1ZQL0VqZUpidz09&from=addon


Feminist Mentoring for the Contemporary University

Feminist Mentoring for the Contemporary University is a new pilot research project led by Professor Warin and a team of scholars from the Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender.

The project aims to produce insights into mentoring and generate new practices of feminist mentorship within the academy. Building on recent international scholarship in feminist mentoring (Dennis and Behie 2022) this project seeks to bring together academic women from South Australian universities and across multiple disciplines to critically explore a range of mentoring approaches through small Focus Group discussions.

Annual Fay Gale Lecture: Professor Chealsea Wattego

In collaboration with the Academy of Social Sciences, the Fay Gale Centre was honoured and delighted to host Professor Chelsea Watego at the University of Adelaide on February 23rd at 4 pm. Professor Watego was this year's speaker for the Annual Fay Gale lecture, and her lecture was entitled ‘No room at the Inn’: Rethinking critical race studies and its place in the Australian academy’. This event was both in-person and live-streamed.

Lecture Recording

Fay Gale Lunchtime Seminars

Each month a current centre member or guest speaker presents a seminar on their relevant research.

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Member Engagement

Fay Gale Centre members are active and engaged with policy, industry, and scholarship. Click here to view recent projects.

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Reading Feminism Book-Club

The Reading Feminism Book-club is run by past and present students. They aim to engage critically with feminist literature, from theory to poetry.

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The Alliance of Gender Scholars

The Alliance of Gender Scholars is a group of PhD students and Early Career Researchers from across the university who are interested in/and are conducting research in gender-related issues.

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Fay Gale Centre - 'The Politics of Gender' Podcast

The centre was delighted to host Ava Viscariello as an intern in 2021. Ava is currently completing her Media and Politics degree and used her skills and creativity to create 'The Politics of Gender Podcast' in response to recent political events regarding gender, sexual assault allegations and COVID-19. Drawing on her experience with Radio Adelaide, Ava interviewed two Centre members with a wealth of experience in Australian politics: Emerita Professor Carol Johnson and our ambassador Natasha Stott-Despoja.

Click below to listen to what these leading icons have to say about the politics of gender:

Natasha Stott Despoja AO

Emerita Professor Carol Johnson

The Fay Gale Centre would like to thank the Art Gallery of South Australia for permission to use this image.

Banner Image: detail: Dorrit Black, Australia, 1891 - 1951
Music, 1927-28, Paris, colour linocut on paper, 24.1 x 21.2 cm (image)
Elder Bequest Fund 1976, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide