The Fay Gale Centre develops, promotes and expands existing research excellence in the field of Gender within the University of Adelaide, and builds on the University's commitment to promote social justice, equality and diversity in the community and its own workplace.

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Special Fay Gale Webinar: Alison Phipps

Professor Alison Phipps of the University of Sussex, UK, gave a wonderful, and poignant, talk to webinar attendees both in-person at the University of Adelaide and over Zoom on Monday the 4th of June, 2021. The event titled ‘Courage to Change: Challenging Gender Inequality and Sexual Harassment in Australian Universities,' fostered fantastic discussion and opened a really important dialogue about the practical steps and policy that has the potential to address issues of gender inequality and sexual harassment in the institution. 

Webinar Recording

We are delighted to announce two new prizes - the inaugural Chris Beasley Prize for Gender and Sexuality Theory and the Beverly Beasley and Family Prize. These prizes were established in 2021 by Emerita Professor Chris Beasley. Further information and eligibility criteria can be found in the documents linked below. Enquires can be made to megan.warin@adelaide.edu.au.

Chris Beasley Prize for Gender and Sexuality Theory Info

Please take note that applications for the Chris Beasley Prize should include a pdf of the published work and the brief commentary.

Beverly Beasley and Family Prize Info

Member Engagement

Fay Gale Centre members are active and engaged with policy, industry, and scholarship. Click here to view recent projects.


Reading Feminism Book-Club

The Reading Feminism Book-club is run by past and present students. They aim to engage critically with feminist literature, from theory to poetry.


Fay Gale Lunch Time Seminars

Each month a current centre member or guest speaker presents a seminar on their relevant research.


The Alliance of Gender Scholars

The Alliance of Gender Scholars is a group of PhD students and Early Career Researchers from across the university who are interested in/and are conducting research in gender-related issues.


The Inaugural Chris Beasley and Beverly Beasley Prizes

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Chris Beasley Prize for Gender and Sexuality Theory and the Beverly Beasley and Family Prize. These prizes were established in 2021 by Emerita Professor Chris Beasley.


Fay Gale Centre - 'The Politics of Gender' Podcast

The centre was delighted to host Ava Viscariello as an intern in 2021. Ava is currently completing her Media and Politics degree and used her skills and creativity to create 'The Politics of Gender Podcast' in response to recent political events regarding gender, sexual assault allegations and COVID-19. Drawing on her experience with Radio Adelaide, Ava interviewed two Centre members with a wealth of experience in Australian politics: Emerita Professor Carol Johnson and our ambassador Natasha Stott-Despoja.

Click below to listen to what these leading icons have to say about the politics of gender:

Natasha Stott Despoja AO

Emerita Professor Carol Johnson

News and Events



Reading Feminism Book Club

Our final book(s) of the year are Alison Bechdel's graphic novels 'Fun Home' and 'Are you my mother'! Join us to talk about family, queerness, and drawing the feminist archive. we will also spend some time planning our future readings and sharing ideas for the new year! When: Wednesday 15th, 5:30pm. Where: LG24 Napier, or outside if the weather is nice! 



Academic Emotions: Feeling the Institution

Fay Gale Centre member Associate Professor Katie Barclay has a new book out, published by Cambridge University Press as part of the Elements in Histories of Emotions and the Sense series. Titled Academic Emotions: Feeling the Institution, the book draws on a rich array of writing about the modern academy by contemporary academics and explores the emotional dynamics of the academy as a disciplining institution, the production of the academic self, and the role of emotion in negotiating power in the ivory tower. 



Fay Gale Centre Book Launch: Posthuman Legal Subjectivity

The Fay Gale Centre is delighted to invite you to the launch of Dr Jana Norman’s book Posthuman Legal Subjectivity: Reimagining the Human in the AnthropoceneJana’s book draws on conceptual fields associated with the new sciences, including new materialisms and posthuman critical theory, to demonstrate that the naturalised hierarchy of humans over nature in the Western social imaginary is anything but natural. It then sets about constructing a counternarrative. It is an original and important analysis of the legal status of the human in the Anthropocene will be of great interest to those working in legal theory, jurisprudence, environmental law and the environmental humanities; as well as those with relevant interests in gender studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, critical theory and philosophy. When: Thursday, November 25th at 5:30pm, Where: Ingkarni Wardli, Level 7. RSVP to: tarmia.klass@adelaide.edu.au


The Fay Gale Centre would like to thank the Art Gallery of South Australia for permission to use this image.

Banner Image: detail: Dorrit Black, Australia, 1891 - 1951
Music, 1927-28, Paris, colour linocut on paper, 24.1 x 21.2 cm (image)
Elder Bequest Fund 1976, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide