The Fay Gale Centre Lunchtime Seminars

Each month a current centre member or guest speaker presents a seminar on their relevant research:  


Seminar Timetable 2022
Month Presenter Topic Date & Time 
October Dr Gabrielle Golding

Paid Menstrual Leave for Australian Women: A Prerogative Not a Pain

Zoom link:…: 611290

Thursday 6th October, 12.10-1pm,

Bar Smith South 2052 

September Professor Andrew van der Vlies

Writing Aslant: Karel Schoeman and Genealogies of Queer Writing in Afrikaans

Zoom link: 
Passcode: 508806 

Friday 9th September, 12-1pm, 

Napier 209

May Dr Alexandra Peralta 

Women in Agriculture and in Agricultural Decisions in the Pacific and South East Asia


Wednesday 25th May, 12 - 1pm, 

Napier 209


Professor Catherine Dricsoll (University of Sydney) & members of 'Affirmative Feminist Boys Studies Group’. 

Can there be an Affirmative Feminist Boys Studies?

Zoom link: Passcode: 613882 

Wednesday 30th March, 12:30-1:30pm

Napier G25


Seminar timetable 2021
Month Presenter Topic Date & Time

Professor Anna Hickey-Moody (RMIT)

Belonging, connectedness and well-being in the lives of Australian children

Zoom link:

Please click this URL to start or join:…

Passcode: 293964

Friday 26th November, 12-1pm

Napier 209

(Late) October Associate Prof. Duygu Yengin  How Women's Underrepresentation hurts us all

Friday 22nd October, 1:10-2:00pm


Napier 209

October Dr Nathan Manning & Dr Djordje Stefanovic  Beyond Angry White Men: Social Democratic Imaginations as an Alternative to Aggrieved Entitlement

Friday 8th October, 1:10-2:00pm

Napier 209

August PhD Student Tarmia Klass Research Proposal: Disruptive Bodies in Discursive Space: An Auto/Ethnographic Exploration of Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance on Instagram

Tuesday 24th August, 12:30-1:15 pm

Napier Lower Ground 19




Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Lockdown

Tuesday 20th July, 12:00-1:00 pm

Napier 209 Lecture Theatre

May Dr Henrike Hoogenraad  

Love migration as a gendered practice: Cross-border intimacies and imaginaries of love and happiness among African-Australia couples

Tuesday, 25th May, 1:00-1:45 pm

Napier 210 

April Dr Gareth Prichard Feminist Power Theory

Wednesday, 28th April, 12:30-1:15 pm

Napier Lower Ground, 21


Prof. Megan Warin

The reproduction of shame

(and the shame of uncaring care) in reproductive health


Friday, 26th March 12:30-1pm

Napier 208

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