About The Centre

The Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender was launched in December 2009. It aims to enhance the quality and impact of research on gender issues in both national and transnational contexts, by providing resources to researchers, fostering research networks and developing collaborative projects.

As a cross-disciplinary initiative involving researchers from the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, and the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology, as well as with links to community and industry research and initiatives, the Centre aims to create productive dialogues across disciplinary boundaries, producing research that is socially relevant, empirically informed and conceptually sophisticated.

Our research focuses on these major themes:

  • Gender and Leadership
  • Gender, Health and Care
  • Belonging, Connectedness, well-being
  • Lived sexualities
  • Gender and Environment

As part of its commitment to the development of both scholarship and policy the Centre seeks not only to deepen understandings of current gender relations but to find evidence of positive change. We aim to discover and develop flexible and responsive ways of thinking and doing gender in the everyday and in our institutions and workplaces, and to create space for conjecture about the possibilities for more equitable and diverse relations between men, women, masculinities and femininities.

The Centre actively pursues links with community, government and international research organisations. It maintains an active relationship with the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at Kings College London, and a range of other international research centres, such as GEXcel, the Centre of Gender Excellence in Sweden.