Three conferences have been held as part of the research network OLIRN. 

  • 2017: Within and beyond concepts, identities and borders

    Date: December 11th-12th 2017
    Location: The University of Adelaide, Ingkarni Wardli Building, 7th Floor

    Submission guidelines

    We strongly encourage submission of Abstracts from The University of Adelaide staff and international collaborators, which enable presentation at the conference of a wide range of papers from early stages working papers to close-to-publication articles. This wide range of papers is endorsed as we recognise the benefits of providing a creatively diverse and relatively unrestricted space where ideas can be explored in a supportive research arena. We also would like to encourage alternative approaches to academic presentation styles, to enable innovative modes of exploration across disciplines, crisscrossing of knowledge boundaries and advancement of new opportunities for collaboration.

    We welcome submissions that expand existing knowledges or introduce challenging and unconventional perspectives, by interrogating past and current  theories/concepts, political discourse, policies/laws, representations and practical interventions that have arisen from legacies of discrimination and violence.  Focus is upon the ongoing impact of social injustice and inequalities associated with four research fields and their intersections-namely gender, ethnicity, sexuality and Indigeneity.

    Call of papers: Review our call for papers topics, themes and further details

    Working papers (10-15 mins); Discussion/debate presentations (no more than 30min); panel papers (3 contributors, each paper 20min long) and individual papers (20-30min)

    Abstracts of 200-300 words submitted to the conference email no later than Friday 27th October 2017.

  • 2018: Legacies of social injustices, 2018 symposium

    Date: 19th to 20th June 2018
    Location: Karlstad, Sweden.

    Call for papers: Review our call for papers topics, themes and further details

  • 2018: Exploring Legacies of Injustice and Inequality; Enabling Just and Equal Futures

    This Conference was organised by Ongoing Legacies International Research Network (OLIRN) and Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

    The intention was to enable research clusters to emerge around specific topics to reflect temporal/intersectional concerns.

    Draft programme

    Monday 3 December 2018, 9am to 5.30pm
    Room 6.03, Chrystal MacMillan Building, 15a George Square, Edinburgh

    • Session 1: Decolonisation
    • Session 2: Intersectionality
    • Session 3: Youth Silences
    • Session 4: Education
    • Session 5: Masculinities
    • Session 6 Injustice/Resistance

    Keynote: Matthew Waites - Contesting LGBTI Human Rights in the Commonwealth

    This research network interrogates contemporary and future approaches to the ongoing impact of social injustice and inequalities associated with four research fields and their intersections:

    • gender
    • sexuality
    • ethnicity
    • indigeneity.

    This is a relatively new international and interdisciplinary network of academics initiated by Chris Beasley in Adelaide, with links to government and community sector professionals origination with and linking the Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender at the University of Adelaide and Wirltu Yarlu (Australia) with the Research at the Intersections of Gender (RIG) Initiative (Canada), and in 2018/19 with the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (UK) and the GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies (Sweden).

    The project had an inception network workshop in Adelaide in December 2017 exploring the dynamics of the four research fields (gender, sexuality, ethnicity and indigeneity).