English training course for teachers at Yanshan University successfully concludes

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Teacher participants of the recently-completed English training course at Yanshan University offered by the University of Adelaide.

This article was originally published on Yanshan University's WeChat account and has been translated to English using Google Chrome's translator. 


On August 14, the closing ceremony of the 2020 summer teacher English training class between Yanshan University and the University of Adelaide was held at Yanshan University. Vice President of Yanshan University, Wang Baocheng; Director of the English Centre of the University of Adelaide, Ms. Joanne Simpson; and Executive Director of the U.S. International Education Association (USIEA), Mr. Dai Yong, attended the closing ceremony and gave speeches.

Vice President Wang Baocheng congratulated all the teachers who successfully completed this training, and thanked the University of Adelaide English Language Centre and USIEA for providing quality courses and services for this training. He pointed out that the teachers participating in the training have overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic, used their personal vacations to earnestly study advanced international education concepts and educational methods, are familiar with the skills of academic writing and cross-cultural communication, and their English application level has greatly improved. 

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Ms. Joanne Simpson, Director of the English Language Centre of the University of Adelaide, speaks remotely.

Ms. Simpson from the English Language Centre of the University of Adelaide and the teachers of each class spoke separately through online connection. They fully affirmed the serious learning attitude and positive classroom performance of Yanshan's teachers. Congratulations on the successful conclusion of this training. Yanshan school teachers Shen Xiumin and Dong Rongmei spoke as teacher representatives. They sincerely thanked the school for the rare learning opportunities provided to teachers. This training broadened their knowledge field and international vision, and improved their English application ability, academic writing and usage. The ability to teach professional courses in English has also opened a window for them to communicate with the world and strengthened their confidence and determination to participate in international exchanges.

The training course lasts for 6 weeks. It adopts the teaching mode of online live broadcast, small class teaching, group learning and self-management, and offers academic English research and cross-cultural communication skills, and all-English teaching mode. A total of 37 teachers participated in the training.

The teachers who participated in the training expressed their love and support for this summer teacher English training class, and recorded a summary video. In the video, the teachers mentioned the impact and help of the summer course on their teaching and personal academic aspects, talked about their overall feelings about the course, and expressed that they had gained and benefited greatly from the training. 


 Speech by Vice President Wang Baocheng

 Speech by Vice President of Yanshan University, Wang Baocheng.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the school of Yanshan University's international exchange work more difficult. The school actively explores the international exchange program for teachers and students under the new situation, adjusts and determines the program in time, and implements it in the summer of 2020. The teacher training project between Yanshan University and the University of Adelaide in Australia is the country’s first online teacher training project in cooperation between Chinese and foreign universities. The high-quality teaching effects and project feedback lay a good foundation for future teacher training and international exchange projects. This attempt has provided a reference to the "Chinese Plan" for global education cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This training also opened up a new situation for cooperation between the school and overseas universities. The school will use this training as an opportunity to provide teachers and students with richer learning resources and better service guarantees, and be a good teacher and student. 

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