Global Food Systems

As the world’s population grows, it is more important than ever that we take a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and developing food production systems.

The collaborative research efforts of the University of Adelaide and University of Nottingham in agriculture, food science, advanced technologies and data science, humanities, and social sciences will contribute to the challenge of securing sustainable, nutritious food supplies in the face of climate change and population pressures.

Collaboration in action

Plants for Space

University of Nottingham researchers are playing a key role in the University of Adelaide-led Centre for Excellence in Plants for Space, which aims to create on-demand, zero-waste, high-efficiency plants and plant products to address grand challenges in sustainability for Space and on Earth. 

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Space salad

University of Adelaide and University of Nottingham scientists have created a salad that contains ingredients that could be grown on a spacecraft and provide optimum nutrition for astronauts heading into deep space.

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New flavour facility

A new $2.5million facility at the University of Adelaide is expanding a partnership with the University of Nottingham-based International Flavour Research Centre, supported by a major investment from v2food - a global leader in plant-based alternatives to meat.

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Smelly tablets survive better in space

University of Adelaide and University of Nottingham researchers have discovered that tablets subjected to the harsh effects of cosmic radiation have shown some unexpected results: those with increased aroma were not degraded as much as those with less taste.

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