Sustainable Futures

The world faces complex environmental, social and economic challenges.

By working in partnership to deliver sustainable solutions, the University of Adelaide and University of Nottingham will help societies in Australia, the UK and beyond to adapt and flourish.

Key areas of exploration include:

  • Planetary health and biodiversity restoration
  • Sustainable production and consumption through clean technologies
  • Resilient, healthy and sustainable communities, buildings and infrastructure
  • Sustainable governance and decision-making

Collaboration in action

The first International Conference on Net Zero Carbon Built Environment

University of Nottingham lead researcher in sustainable built environment, Professor Yupeng (Jack) Wu, and University of Adelaide theme lead, Professor Veronica Soebarto, are organising the first international conference on Net Zero Carbon Built Environment at the University of Nottingham in July 2024.

Topics covered at the conference will include advances in renewable energy technology, energy storage and integration in the built environment, low carbon communities, health and wellbeing in the built environment, innovative building design, materials and construction, net zero carbon building and environmental assessment and certification and decarbonization of the building stock.

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Theme leads