Ambassador of Japan visits University of Adelaide

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L-R: Dr Glen Stafford, Director, Internationalisation Strategy; Mrs Kaoru Yamagami, wife of the Ambassador; Mr Junji Shimada, Consul-General of Japan; Professor Peter Høj AC, Vice-Chancellor and President, the University of Adelaide; His Excellency Mr Shingo Yamagami, Ambassador of Japan to Australia; Professor Jacqueline Lo, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), the University of Adelaide; Mr Adam Wynn, Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Adelaide. 

On Monday 10 May 2021, the University of Adelaide welcomed His Excellency Mr Shingo Yamagami, Ambassador of Japan, to North Terrace Campus. 

As part of his visit, the Ambassador met with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide and key stakeholders in the University community.

The Ambassador's meetings covered the University's cutting edge research in space, defence, hydrogen, minerals, and Japanese language and cultural studies - areas where Japan and Australia will continue to work together on pressing global challenges through continued collaboration.

The Ambassador also delivered a talk as part of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International)'s Meet the Leader series, which features international Ambassadors and prominent figures speaking to students, staff, and the public about international relations and foreign policy. The Japanese Ambassador's visit was the second event in the new Meet the Leader series. 


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At the Meet the Leader: Japan  event, L-R: Front row -  Dr Priya Chacko, Head of Department Of Politics and International Relations, the University of Adelaide; Sarah Rehman, student member of Politics and International Relations Association (PIRA)Ms Laura Hughes, Political and Economic Analyst, Consulate-General of Japan; back row - Professor Jacqueline Lo, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), the University of Adelaide; His Excellency Mr. Shingo Yamagami, Ambassador of Japan to Australia; Mr Felix Eldridge, President, PIRA, the University of Adelaide; Mrs Kaoru Yamagami, wife of Ambassador; Mr Adam Wynn, Honorary Consul-General for Adelaide. 

The Ambassador's oration, titled Japan-Australia Relations in the Indo-Pacific Region outlined key partnerships and collaborations between Australia and Japan, including discussion of the following:

  • University of Adelaide alumni and their ties to Japan;
  • cooperation on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the World Trade Organisation;
  • promoting peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific;
  • the potential of hydrogen and green ammonia renewable energies;
  • the South Australian wine industry and the potential to export to Japan.

Mr Yamagami highlighted Japan's growing demand for South Australian wine at several points in his address: 



"There are over 30 million wine drinkers in Japan just waiting for someone to introduce them to the delights of a good Barossa Valley Shiraz,"His Excellency Mr Shingo Yamagami, Ambassador of Japan


Ambassador Yamagami speaking

His Excellency Mr Shingo Yamagami, Ambassador of Japan, speaking to members of the University community at the Meet the Leader: Japan event. 

"As much as I love being able to have a nice glass of Jacob's Creek in Tokyo, what I'd really like is to be able to enjoy the full range of SA wines - from a fancy Penfolds to a Berri Estates Fruity Lexia." stated the Ambassador.

The oration also addressed issues such as international partnerships beyond Australia and Japan, future collaboration in space exploration, and Japan's lost bid for the Future Submarines contract in 2016: 

"While I am always astonished by the beauty and tranquillity of the Australian ocean, I can't help but think it would have been even more beautiful and quiet with Japanese submarines in it." 

Ambassador addressing audience

Before opening the floor to a Q&A, the Ambassador touched on his experience working for the police and intelligence services before becoming Ambassador in December 2020, providing expert insight into promoting peace and stability throughout the Indo-Pacific. 

Japan-Australia Relations in the Indo-Pacific Region was a joint event hosted by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), the Department of Politics and International Relations (POLIR), and the Politics and International Relations Association (PIRA) at the University of Adelaide. 


Please see below for a video recording from the event. 


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