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Peter Iroga recently graduated with a Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences under an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Hailing from the Solomon Islands, Peter is now looking forward to sharpening the skills and knowledge that were obtained throughout his degree and putting them into action in the medical sciences field in the Solomon Islands. He hopes to become an asset to the Solomon Islands’ health sector.


What opportunities have you received due to the Australia Awards Scholarship?

One of the greatest opportunities I received was networking with fellow awardees in my field. This has given me a chance to expand my knowledge and witness other opportunities and expectations. I have also been given the opportunity to continue with my Honours degree in medical sciences now that I have completed my Bachelor.

What was a highlight of your studies in Australia?

Coming from a place where it was quite challenging to find good quality information for medical and health purposes, studying in Australia has not only taught me to find information but also to publish my own scientific findings. I have acquired a lot of critical thinking skills, public speaking, and time management skills – especially as there were only 12 weeks per semester.

My favourite thing about studying in Australia is that there are plenty of activities to take part in and how easy it is to access things you need or would like – such as food, transport, and educational resources.


Have you picked up any new hobbies since spending time in Australia?

I have picked up a few new hobbies, such as baking and learning some new instruments (violin and keyboard).


What do you miss about the Solomon Islands?

I definitely miss my family, my friends, the food, and the laid-back atmosphere we have, especially during the stressful pandemic.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I haven’t reached my main goal yet and am still working towards it. In ten years’ time, I would like to be working in medicine, specifically endocrinology.



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Quickfire questions


Favourite restaurant in Adelaide?

Great River Korean BBQ – they have marinated meats and vegetables that you can sit down and BBQ on your own.


Getting dressed for University or staying in pyjamas?

Dressed for University.


Adelaide Hills or Adelaide’s beaches?

Adelaide’s beaches.


What is your go-to study playlist?

Lo-Fi music.


Zoom meetings/classes or in-person?



Home delivery or home-cooked meals?



Do you prefer reading or streaming tv/movies?

Movies – I like Marvel (the Avengers).

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