ISS hosts Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Ceremony

Mid-Autumn Tea Ceremony

On Monday 20 September 2021, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) attended an afternoon tea celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival, a significant Chinese holiday celebrating the end of the Autumn harvest. International Student Support (ISS) at the University of Adelaide hosted the afternoon tea at Thea Tea Shop in the Adelaide CBD.

The event was attended by students and staff of varying cultural and religious backgrounds, increasing the University’s cultural awareness and embracing diversity. The event was part of the 2021 Mid-Semester Break Program, run by International Student Support.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, takes place this year from Sunday 19 to Tuesday 21 September. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by Chinese, East and Southeast Asian people by admiring the full moon and rejoicing Autumn’s harvest. Celebrations typically include taking part in family gatherings, eating traditional mooncakes and lighting lanterns.

At the event, a traditional tea ceremony was performed by a Taiwanese tea master, assisted by his son and translated by his daughter, followed by an Oolong tea tasting to learn about the drink’s history. The Mid-Autumn afternoon tea culminated in a music performance organised by the University of Adelaide’s Confucius Institute.

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