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Aparna Nithyanand was Highly Commended in the Community Engagement category of StudyAdelaide's International Student Awards.

From India, Aparna recently completed her Masters in Engineering (Mechanical) at the University of Adelaide's North Terrace campus. 

During her time in Adelaide, Aparna has engaged with the community through volunteering and cultural events. She was heavily involved in the Adelaide University Rotaract Club (AURC), and also coordinated volunteers for the 2021 Thai Festival, IndoFest, and BioR - where AURC has planted over one thousand saplings in the past two years. 


Tell us about your International Student Award.

As part of the Adelaide University Rotaract Club, I was Membership Director (2020) and Community Services Director (2021). During this time, I volunteered at a variety of community and cultural organisations. I also organised volunteering opportunities for university students to get involved with the local community, and hosted multiple networking events for students to connect with their peers and the community.

I was also the stage manager for AURC's Cultural Night 2021, which is South Australia’s largest youth-led multicultural event. As part of this, I managed performers from diverse cultural community groups as we raised money for the charity No Barriers Education Foundation Inc.


What is your goal once you have completed your degree?

I aim to work as a mechanical engineer in the manufacturing and production sectors. In the future, I hope to work in a managerial position, as I enjoy working with people and leading a team.


What do you miss about your home country?

Being surrounded by friends and family. 


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Quickfire questions!

Zoom or in-person?

In-person classes and meetings.


Adelaide Hills or Adelaide's beaches?

Hands down Adelaide's beaches.


Home delivery or home-cooked?

A mix of both.


3 things you won't miss about COVID-19 restrictions?

  • Staying home all day during lockdowns.
  • Zoom meetings.
  • Travel restrictions.


3 things you won't forget about COVID-19?

  • Online exams.
  • Mandatory masks.
  • The importance of checking on the wellbeing of others and self.
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