Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can take an AdelaideX Course?

    AdelaideX courses are suitable for anyone regardless of education level or geographic location. They are suitable for those looking to expand their education, add to their professional profile, increase their employability, or sample a topic before registering for a degree.

  • What do I need to be able to take a course?

    There are no prerequisites for AdelaideX courses and the time you will need each week to complete the course is listed on the relevant course page.

    You can take the course at any time that suits you and you generally have a few weeks to complete each module. This means that taking a course on AdelaideX can fit around your work, family or other study commitments.

  • When do the courses start and end?

    Some AdelaideX courses have a set start and end date while others are self-paced which allow you to start at any time.

    Check the edX page for details of courses available right now.

    New courses are made available regularly and some existing courses are being adapted to be run as self-paced courses so make sure you check back regularly to see what options are available.

  • What is the difference between verified and audit learners?

    There are two types of learners on AdelaideX MOOCs. Audit learners are those learners who do the course for free. They have access to the main content and discussion forums whereas verified learners have purchased a certificate and have access to assessments throughout the course to showcase the knowledge they have picked up. Upon successful completion of the course, verified learners will receive an electronic certificate which they can use as evidence of their learning. 

  • How much does a certificate cost?

    Certificates are available through edX. The price of the certificate varies from course to course. The price details of certificates can be found on the course about page on edX.

  • Who creates the content for AdelaideX courses?

    Courses are made in collaboration with experienced learning designers from AdelaideX and subject matter experts from the University of Adelaide.