Executive Education

Enhance your leadership skills and build your management capabilities – whether you’re transitioning into leadership for the first time, or you’re an experienced executive.

You’ll be immersed in current business and leadership methodologies, provided with actionable skills you can implement immediately and over the long term, and join an extensive network of like-minded professionals.

Transformative Leadership Program

For senior leaders and high performing executives.

A ground-breaking program designed to develop complex and adaptive thinking capacities in today’s leaders. Transform your thinking and gain new tools for addressing increasingly complex issues.

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Professional Management Program

For middle to senior managers.

Develops the core, cross-functional skills in leadership, finance, management and strategic thinking essential for today's leaders. Credit available into the Adelaide MBA.

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Emerging Leaders Program

For new managers and leaders.

Learn the foundational elements of effective leadership, with a focus on taking the leap from theory to practice.

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Women Executive Impact Program

For new executives.

Advanced strategies for leveraging your reputation and established expertise. Connect with inspiring women from different walks of life and develop life-changing relationships.

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Foundations of Transformative Leadership Program

For middle to senior managers.

Gain a strong foundation in the dynamics of complexity and leadership. Learn the key skills and competencies needed to enhance your leadership.

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Emotional Intelligence at Work

Learn to lead your organisation more positively and effectively with emotional intelligence.

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Leading and Managing People

Learn how to successfully motivate people to perform at their best and achieve desired organisational outcomes.

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Lean Six Sigma

Develop a Lean Six Sigma toolkit to improve your business processes.

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Negotiation for Leaders

Develop and enhance your negotiation skills to get more of what you want, and less of what you don't.

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Results Driven Coaching

Grow your leadership capability and improve results by including virtual and face to face coaching in your leadership toolkit.

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Empower yourself, your staff and your organisation with our high-impact learning that can be implemented immediately.

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