Levelling up: Your leadership podcast provides all the tools, tips and insights to help leaders unlock their potential and get the most from their teams.

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Levelling up: Sharyn Broer

Hear how Sharyn Broer, Meals on Wheels SA's CEO, championed the largest single investment in Meals on Wheels' 60 year history while leading a team of 7,000 volunteers.

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Levelling up: Personality profiling

In this latest episode, Tanya Perry explores personality profiling, how it works and why you should use it

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Levelling up: Bruce Djite

In this episode, former professional footballer Bruce Djite reflects on the unique challenges of transitioning from elite sport to the boardroom. 

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Levelling up: How to communicate with influence

Gary Edwards explores how influential communication can help leaders master the conversations they have with their colleagues, clients and customers.

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Levelling up: Jane Pickering

In this episode, Eldercare CE Jane Pickering covers gender equality, leading with compassion, and being responsible for more than 1200 staff caring for 1800 vulnerable, older South Australians.

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Levelling up: Creating inclusion in the workplace

Creating inclusion and belonging in your team can have tangible, positive effects on employee engagement. Sonali D'silva explains how.

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Levelling up: Derrick McManus

In this episode, Derrick discusses how ‘human durability’ can allow leaders to achieve higher levels of personal and professional success and reduce stress

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Levelling up: Explore vertical development with Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens unpacks the type of development modern leaders need to navigate the ambiguity, uncertainty and disruption they face on a daily basis.

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Levelling up: Heather Croall

Award-winning Adelaide Fringe CEO and Director Heather Croall has helped ingrain the festival as part of the fabric of Adelaide and South Australia.

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Levelling up: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

In this episode, Tamsin Simounds reflects on facing imposter syndrome early in her own executive career

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Levelling up: Grant Stevens

In the second episode of the University of Adelaide’s Levelling Up: Your Leadership Podcast , Grant Stevens shares his evolution from a lack-lustre school student one of the most highly respected figures in the community.

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Levelling up: Emotional Intelligence

Executive coach Lorraine Caruso leads PACE’s Emotional Intelligence At Work course. Drawing on her 30-year business, strategy and operations career to share invaluable insights to understand and improve emotional intelligence and effectiveness at work.

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