Micro-credentials for Classroom Confidence

Upskill with purpose. Teach with impact.

The Australian Government has funded three free micro-credentials to upskill some of the most important members of our society: our teachers.

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Evidence-based. Expert-informed. Cost-free.

We’ve created three specialised qualifications carefully tailored to meet the needs of educators based on the latest research evidence. With these self-paced, practical micro-credentials, you can upskill quickly, meet your professional development requirements, and transform your teaching—all on a flexible, digital platform.

Classroom Management

Create a quality learning environment.

Duration: Self-paced
Estimated time commitment: 48 hours of content

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Explicit Teaching

Maximise every lesson’s impact

Duration: Self-paced
Estimated time commitment: 48 hours of content

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Teaching Phonics

Master systematic synthetic phonics instruction

Duration: Self-paced
Estimated time commitment: 48 hours of content

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Meeting your needs

  • Free: These micro-credentials are fully funded by the Australian Government, making them available at no cost to you!
  • Professional development:  Completing just one of these three micro-credentials can count towards the annual 20-hour professional learning requirement for maintaining your teaching certificate.
  • Increased confidence: Through these micro-credentials, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge to confidently navigate a wide range of classroom challenges, helping you feel more prepared and in control across diverse scenarios.
  • Evidence-based learning: Our micro-credentials draw from current, evidence-backed teaching methodologies only, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in classrooms.
  • Networking and peer support: Our collaborative approach will connect you with peers, offering a supportive community of educators for shared learning.
  • Inclusivity and diversity: Each of these micro-credentials will empower you to build inclusive learning environments, helping you cater to the needs of all students.
  • Advanced academic pathways: Course completion offers a potential credit pathway toward post-graduate study at the University of Adelaide, opening doors to further career growth.

In 2022, the Quality Initial Teacher Education Review suggested that short courses could help teachers to upskill, particularly in areas where they feel underprepared, such as managing classrooms, using explicit teaching strategies, and teaching phonics.

In response, the Australian Government has selected the University of Adelaide to develop evidence-based micro-credentials so that teachers in all stages of their careers can upskill in these areas of need and improve their teaching practice with minimum disruption to their work capacity.

Tried and tested

We know which approaches make a real difference to young people's learning outcomes—and we’re committed to empowering every teacher with those tools. The approaches you’ll unpack in our micro-credentials are evidence-based and relevant to today’s dynamic classrooms. Our academics have synthesised the most rigorous and effective strategies to help take your teaching practice to the next level and set your students up for success.

Developed by experts

Founded on expertise in higher education and professional development, these courses meet the needs of both active and pre-service teachers.

For over 20 years, the University’s Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) unit has been combining academic, industry and technical expertise to deliver focused and high-quality workforce training, development and credentials. Each year PACE supports the lifelong learning of more than 2,300 participants and hundreds of local and international organisations across diverse sectors to enhance their capabilities and thrive in the changing professional world.

As an exemplar of innovation, the School of Education at the University of Adelaide is recognised as an Apple Distinguished School in Higher Education: the only one in Australia. It has extensive expertise in designing, delivering, and monitoring scalable pedagogy and curricula for online learning across various digital platforms.


  • Who are these courses for?

    The micro-credentials are designed for Australian-based education professionals: school teachers (early years, primary and secondary), school leaders, other education professionals within the school setting, and pre-service teachers.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    The micro-credentials have no prerequisites.

  • What is the course structure and estimated learning effort?

    The micro-credentials are flexible and self-paced in design, so you can tailor your learning journey to fit into your lifestyle. They cover 48 hours of content, split into four distinct modules. Each module is divided into eight topics, allowing you to learn in small, logically connected 'chunks' of approximately 1.5 hours. The topics feature videos, readings, resources, and practical activities, complemented by online community discussion and reflection forums.

    There is no set timeframe in which you need to complete each micro-credential - you can study at your own pace. If you have more free time, you could speed up your work to finish sooner. If you're new to online learning or haven't studied in a while, scheduling your study times in shorter bursts may be helpful.

  • Will this count toward my professional development requirements?

    The courses are designed to be recognised by Teacher Registration Boards. All three micro-credentials are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to meet the professional development requirements for non-accredited programs all the way to the highly accomplished level. If you wish to count a course towards your mandatory professional development hours, we recommend that you confirm the requirements with your teaching authority.

  • Can I do the courses remotely?

    Our micro-credentials are delivered online only, making them accessible for educators nationwide, including teachers in remote areas.

  • Will these courses give me study credits?

    Course completion offers a potential credit pathway toward post-graduate study at the University of Adelaide. Participants need to successfully complete at least three modules across at least two micro-credentials (three modules in total) to be eligible to undertake the assessment credential. If you seek a credit transfer, we recommend you liaise with your chosen institution, as each one will have their own policy for how they assess and award credit.