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Free Understanding Agribusiness course relaunched

After the success of its first launch in November 2019, we’re excited to announce we’ve relaunched our free Understanding Agribusiness, Value Chains, and Consumers in Global Food Systems online course. Guided by the team at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, this course will introduce the concepts at the heart of agribusiness; including value chain …



3 MOOCs to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and we’re feeling loved up this Valentine’s Day. Forget roses and chocolates, we wanted to share with you a gift from the heart – our free online course recommendations for this special day.   Here are our top 3 MOOCs to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day:   …



Free Human Reproduction course relaunching

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of our free Human Reproduction online course, previously known as Sex and Reproduction. Launching on the 24th January 2019,  this course will teach learners about all aspects of human reproduction—from puberty to menopause, to fertility and contraception. Join Professor Mario Ricci, his colleagues from the University of Adelaide, and …



AdelaideX Trending Courses: January 2019

There’s no time like the new year to start dedicating more energy towards expanding your horizons and learning new things. And what better way to learn something new than with a MOOC. Maybe you’re curious to learn more about human reproduction? Or learn about what can be done to preserve cultural identities? Or maybe you’re …



6 Reasons to Buy Local Food

Did you know that what you eat, and where it comes from, can really make a difference? Whether you choose to believe it or not, what you eat and where it comes from has a huge impact on your health, your community, the economy and the environment. We have compiled some of the many reasons …



Future Faces of Agribusiness

The agribusiness sector is one of Australia’s largest and most important industry sectors, with an estimated value of $436 billion, and employing approximately 1.4 million people*. With growing populations, climate change, changing consumer demands, new international trade agreements and technological advances, the agribusiness sector is dynamic and complex. It needs people with innovative and critical …