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University Collection

Calendar of The University of Adelaide, W.K. Thomas & Co., Printers, 1925The University Collection is an archival collection of publications by past and present members of University of Adelaide staff, as well as those of the academic departments, University societies and associations, and student organisations. It also contains books, audio tapes and sound recordings created by or relating to members of the wider University of Adelaide community. The collection embodies the intellectual output of the University and offers a valuable reflection of both academic and student life since its inauguration in 1874.


University publications include:

  • The University of Adelaide Calendar which provides valuable, historical information about the University's operation, courses, students and staff. The majority of these have been digitised by University Archives, with the first 1877 calendar and 1944-2014 calendars available for viewing via the Adelaide Research & Scholarship digital repository
  • Commemoration Programmes/Graduation Ceremonies which list the annual conferrals from 1948 onwards
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectuses offering detailed program information on a variety of courses for both local and international students
  • Extensive collections of faculty and departmental research reports and working papers, including the publications of Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Geology and Mineralogy, Architecture and Town Planning, Civil Engineering, Economics and Surgery


Staff publications include:

  • Home of the Blizzard by Sir Douglas Mawson, 1915Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of the Motion of Fluids, Horace Lamb, 1879
  • Flora of South Australia, Ralph Tate, 1890
  • Structure and Growth of the Mind, William Mitchell, 1907
  • Short Parallel Syntax of Latin and Greek for Middle and Higher Forms in Schools, H.D. Naylor, 1910
  • Studies in Radioactivity, William Henry Bragg, 1912
  • Home of the Blizzard, Sir Douglas Mawson, 1915
  • Reflections on the War, G.C. Henderson, 1916
  • The Geology of South Australia, Walter Howchin, 1918
  • Principles of Biochemistry for Students of Medicine, Agriculture and Related Sciences, 1920
  • South Australia: a Geographical Study, Charles Fenner, 1931

More recently acquired staff publications range over such widely diverse topics as neocapitalism, feminism, history of war, tourism, clinical teaching, Australian legal history, lexicography and Australian fiction. Works of the prolific South Australian author Geoffrey Dutton are also included, together with those of South African born author and University of Adelaide English Department Fellow, J.M. Coetzee.


Student publications include:

  • On Dit, the student newspaper, which offers a valuable insight into student opinion, activity and social life. All issues between 1932 (Vol. 1) and 2008 (vol. 76) have been digitised and are available for viewing via Adelaide Research & Scholarship
  • Adelaide University Magazine, Varsity and Phoenix, publications of the Students' Representative Council (indexes are available for Adelaide University Magazine and Phoenix)
  • Various publications of student groups and societies, including the Adelaide Medical Students' Society Review, the Adelaide Law Review and the dental and engineering student publications Probe and Hysteresis, plus publications of the Geographical Society, Choral Society and the Literary Society.

A number of University texts have been digitised and are available for viewing via the Adelaide Research & Scholarship repository.

Official records of the University and the archives of associated bodies are held by The University of Adelaide Archives.


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Phoenix, Hassell Press, 1937 On Dit, Vol. 43, No. 9, 2nd June 1975 University of Adelaide Library News, Vol. 4, No. 2, July 1982 Medical Students' Society Review, Vol. 4, No. 4, May 1895






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