The Wonderful World of DISSOCIA


“I’ve got a life too and it’s out of balance. I’ve got people that I care about – that I love and that love me – and I’m letting them down…”

The Wonderful World of Dissocia is an off-the-wall, at times hilarious, at times disturbing, ultimately thought-provoking play, featuring unique and unforgettable characters and wondrous settings which contrast to a degree rarely seen in the theatre.

Aside from being laugh-out-loud funny, this play also has an important message to convey regarding mental health. It forces us to confront questions as to the status attributed to people suffering from mental health issues and diagnosed mental illnesses.

It tells the story of Lisa, a young woman battling with a dissociative disorder. In order to regain ‘balance’ in her life, Lisa must successfully navigate her way through Dissocia, a fantastic wonderland full of surprises and weird, wonderful, and frightening inhabitants, avoiding misleading double-talkers, traumatising encounters, and The Black Dog King who looms like a dark cloud over the otherwise beautiful country.

Away from Dissocia, life is very different. Lisa’s boyfriend, her sister, and a team of doctors and nurses struggle to keep Lisa away from Dissocia. In Dissocia, Lisa is the decider of her own fate. Back at home, she’s not.

Dissocia is a riotous, wonderful, wild-ride of a play. It is fun, funny, provocative and oftentimes totally strange. As playwright Anthony Neilson said, 'If you like Alice in Wonderland but there’s not enough sex and violence in it, then Dissocia is the show for you.”

CONTENT WARNING: This play is intended for adult audiences. It features some confronting and disturbing themes and strong coarse language. 

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