Don Dunstan Oration

Inspiration for environmental justice – then and now

Don Dunstan’s social, cultural and law reform legacy is well recognised. Still, less is celebrated in relation to his forward-thinking environmental initiatives and actions, which have continued to inspire responses to the issues we are tackling today. Dunstan wanted South Australia to be a laboratory for reform and an example to other states, and that inspiration has resonated in the decades since as our State continues to lead the way in biodiversity protection, renewable energy, and carbon reduction.

At the 2023 IPAA SA, Don Dunstan Oration, former Premier and Chair of The Climate Group (UK) The Hon. Mike Rann AC CNZM, will reflect on the Dunstan legacy, including sharing his close-up view of the times and the ways in which Dunstan’s principled approach inspired him as Premier and now, as he leads global conversations and action around climate change. Our Orator will explore issues of justice central to the international debate on climate change and the efforts being made to mobilise communities, governments, and businesses worldwide to take action in response to the climate challenge we face today.

During this event, you’ll get the chance to interact directly with the former Premier during our audience Q&A session live or via Slido, which will be facilitated by Commissioner for Public Sector Employment Erma Ranieri.

Question submissions close COB 5 December.

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