Tasting Australia Masterclass: Cellar to Ceylon (sold out)

Tea fields in Sri Lanka and an image of Dilhan Fernando

This sensory masterclass will explore the consumer emotions evoked by wine and tea flavours, and the best choice for different occasions. It will also reveal the secrets of wine and tea terroir. University of Adelaide Associate Professor Sue Bastian, a world-renowned sensory and consumer scientist, has been collaborating with Dilmah CEO Dilhan Fernando on this groundbreaking research. Try the fruits of their thought. 

For the past 40 years tea maker Dilmah has been a major player in the global tea industry. Now, with a new generation of tea drinkers rising, the business is staking its claim on the luxury tea space. Dilmah ambassador and chef Peter Kuruvita will prepare an express lunch inspired by his grandmother’s kitchen growing up in Sri Lanka. Expect delicious food with matched wines and teas. 

Platter of fish cutlets, vegetable roti, and mutton pan rolls served wtih traditional sauces and Dilmah elixir dipping sauces. Individual serve of egg kottu roti

Chicken dum biriyani, roti, chutney, and raita with Ceylon breakfast sambar

Wattalapam, toasted cashew, orange ice cream with Dilmah lively lemon and lime sugar 

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