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Public Health vs Precision Medicine

The School of Public Health 2019 Research Symposium is a showcase of the cutting edge research undertaken by the School’s researchers. This year’s topics reflect the depth and diversity of the School’s research in epidemiology, health economics and policy, environmental health, early childhood development, and big data, with Keynote Speaker, Professor Terry Nolan, paediatrician and clinical epidemiologist.

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Sustainable Prosperity Conference

A conference to discuss and explore the elements of a Green New Deal for Australia, informed by the work of some of the world's leading progressive economists and others.

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2020 Harcourt Lecture

In 2020, the Harcourt Lecture will be delivered by Stephanie Kelton, a professor of economics and public policy at Stony Brook University. Stephanie's lecture will address the role of government deficits in fighting a myriad of economic issues, including inequality, poverty, unemployment, and climate change.

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