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Sustainable Prosperity Conference

A conference to discuss and explore the elements of a Green New Deal for Australia, informed by the work of some of the world's leading progressive economists and others.

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2020 Harcourt Lecture

In 2020, the Harcourt Lecture will be delivered by Stephanie Kelton, a professor of economics and public policy at Stony Brook University. Stephanie's lecture will address the role of government deficits in fighting a myriad of economic issues, including inequality, poverty, unemployment, and climate change.

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Market Shaping and Innovation Breakfast

Suvi Nenonen is a Professor of Strategic Marketing at University of Auckland Business School, NZ. Her research interests include markets and market-shaping, business model innovation, service innovation, and cocreation. Her research has been published in world renowned journals and she is a member of three further editorial boards.

Kaj Storbacka is Professor of Markets and Strategy at the University of Auckland Business School. His research focuses on market and business model innovation, market shaping strategies and solution business transformation.

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Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Alex Brown

Hear from Professor Alex Brown, Theme Leader from the Aboriginal Research Unit at the Adelaide Medical School at the first lecture of the newly created Professorial Lecture Series. Professor Alex Brown is an Aboriginal medical doctor and researcher. Alex has been involved in policy since he commenced as a doctor.

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HiTeMP-2 Forum: Zero Carbon High Temperature Minerals Processing

The Centre for Energy Technology invites you to the Second International Forum on Zero Carbon High Temperature Minerals Processing (HiTeMP-2).

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