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Oratunga Winter School #3

Over five days, a team of distinguished scholars and creative practitioners will guide you through the art of creative place-making in storied Country.

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Research Tuesdays

Watch our Research Tuesday's online program, where our leading researchers and academics share their knowledge to shed light on some of the world's biggest problems.

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Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Jodie Conduit

Join Professor Jodie Conduit for the next Professorial Lecture,where Jodie will discuss 'Engaging for Social Good: Using the principles of customer engagement to improve individual and societal well-being'.

[Read more about Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Jodie Conduit]

Research Tuesdays - Space Makers

We invite you to join us for the next Research Tuesdays featuring the leaders of our internationally recognised Centre for Sustainable Planetary and Space Resources, Professor Volker Hessel and Associate Professor John Culton.

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Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Joanne Wallis

Join Professor Joanne Wallis for the next Professorial Lecture,where Joanne will discuss 'Cognitive dissonance? Contradictions in Australia’s Pacific Islands policy and discourse.' Registrations available to attend in person, or via livestream.

[Read more about Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Joanne Wallis]

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