Glimpse into the future with space makers


Join the leaders of the University of Adelaide’s internationally recognised Centre for Sustainable Planetary and Space Resources for an awe-inspiring glimpse into a future that’s literally out of this world.

Space exploration of any kind is difficult. Doing it for extended periods with human crews is a challenge which must be solved if missions to planets such as Mars are to be viable.

Something that would help immeasurably, however, would be the ability to identify and extract resources and use them to manufacture supplies such as water, minerals, and metals and also, in the medium-term, to grow crops and produce food, in situ on distant celestial bodies. This is critical to missions into deep space where resupply from Earth is not possible.

NASA believes it can be done, as does the European Space Agency. There are plans to establish a long-term presence on the Moon and use that as a base for missions to Mars. Some of the world’s most promising research and development which will help make this possible, is happening at the University of Adelaide.

Hear the latest developments from the experts in a webinar presented by the University of Adelaide.

The Presenters

Professor Volker Hessel is the Deputy Dean – Research in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide and Research Director of the Centre for Sustainable Planetary and Space Resources. Professor Hessel is leading a team of scientists to perfect metal and mineral extraction processes to bring the possibility of mining the wealth contained within asteroids closer to reality. He is also leading research into how to stabilise drugs under the impact of the harshest environment known; space with its cosmic rays.

Associate Professor John Culton is Director of the Centre for Sustainable Planetary and Space Resources in the University’s School of Civil, Environmental, and Mining Engineering. The Centre for Sustainable Planetary and Space Resources will enable students and researchers to tackle the challenges associated with in-situ resource utilisation, the critical enabling capability that will allow for long-term human presence in space.

WHAT:                          Research Tuesdays: Space Makers

WHO:                           Professor Volker Hessel and Associate Professor John Culton

WHERE:                      Online webinar

WHEN:                        5.30–7 pm, Tuesday 11 August 2020

COST:                          Free event


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