Scholarships invest in state and nation’s future leaders

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In a once-only opportunity, 200 scholarships are available to assist future leaders to develop their expertise and to upskill by undertaking the University of Adelaide’s MBA (Emerging Leaders) program.

“The MBA (Emerging Leaders) Scholarships are an investment by the University of Adelaide into the future of South Australia and the nation at a time when their employment prospects are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” says the University of Adelaide’s Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor John Williams.

The scholarships provide for students to undertake the entire program for a fixed tuition fee of $20,000.

“These scholarships make the MBA (Emerging Leaders) program even more accessible than before.”Professor Noel Lindsay

“The MBA (Emerging Leaders) Scholarships, which represent a 59% discount on the 2021 tuition fees of $49,500, are being offered once only for people who commence the program in Trimester 1, February 2021,” says the University of Adelaide’s Professor Noel Lindsay, Dean of Business and Pro Vice-Chancellor Entrepreneurship, Adelaide Business School.

“Nearly $6 million worth of scholarships is available in this offer, which is funded by the University’s Adelaide Business School. It ensures that the program is accessible to people who are due to graduate, recent graduates and industry professionals.

“Evidence shows that people look to upskill or reskill during periods of recession. Whilst graduates and professionals may look to further study due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, tuition costs are a potential barrier.

“These scholarships make the MBA (Emerging Leaders) program even more accessible than before.”

One hundred scholarships for Australian full-fee students are being offered to graduates and further one hundred are being offered to industry professionals who wish to update their skills who undertake the program.

The program, which was launched by Adelaide Business School last year, consists of 12 courses of 36 units. Applicants who start the program in Trimester 1, February 2021 may complete the program in as little as one year or up to four-and-a-half years, and still be charged the same $20,000 fixed tuition fee.

Students will graduate with an understanding of leadership, project management, marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, and business law. Scholarship holders will also be offered extra-curricular activities to improve their career prospects through networking opportunities to build personal connections with the business community, and bespoke career support including personal-brand training, and voluntary internships. Students will also undertake the Adelaide Business School’s Australian eChallenge or the Tech eChallenge, providing them the experience of creating, developing, assessing and actioning a business idea, and have the potential to win funding and launch their own business.

“We need people with the skills, capabilities and mindset to assist with the task of recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic. This program will develop the future leaders that South Australia and the nation need,” says Justin Jamieson, South Australian Chairman of KPMG Australia, and member of the Adelaide Business School Advisory Board.

To be eligible for the special MBA (Emerging Leaders) scholarships, applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

“We know that there are more people looking to upskill and reskill in the current economic environment, and I am sure that this opportunity will assist many South Australians in preparing for future work,” said Minister for Education John Gardner.

“This is such a critical time for our state’s economy, and it is pleasing to see the University of Adelaide supporting South Australians by creating greater access to this program.”

Full information about the MBA (Emerging Leaders) program and the scholarships can be found online at

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