The University of Adelaide partnership in the Australian Space Manufacturing Network

Sunrise over Earth

The Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN), of which the University of Adelaide is a partner, has been awarded a $157 million grant. It is the largest grant for space under the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative - Collaboration (MMIC).

The University of Adelaide's team will be led by Dr Said Al-Sarawi of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE).

The project will help unlock further collaboration between researchers and small to medium-sized businesses to see launch vehicles and satellites take off to space.

The network is led by Queensland company Gilmour Space Technologies. As part of the network, the University of Adelaide, which is the only university in South Australia on board, will support the Network and contribute to the growth of the Australian space manufacturing industry. The University of Adelaide will bring technical expertise to the Network, which is critical in building the nation's space technology sovereign capabilities. The Adelaide team will partner and collaborate in the ASMN projects including having access to core manufacturers in the space industry and creating a value supply chain to translate engineering to commercialization in space manufacturing. This Network will complement and support two ongoing space electronic programs in the EEE School on phase array antenna for deep space networks and remote sensing using optically connected flying CubeSats; both programs are supported by the Australian Space Agency (ASA). 

The ASMN proposal aims to establish three new space facilities in Queensland: 1. A common test and manufacturing facility, enabling members to advance their space research and technology development at a lower cost. 2. An advanced manufacturing facility for building commercial rockets and satellites, anchored by Gilmour Space. 3. An orbital spaceport at Abbot Point in North Queensland, that will help bring many of these products to space.

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