Partnership supports diverse STEM scholars

Students walk around the North Terrace campus.

A partnership between the University of Adelaide and Boeing will support students in science technology engineering and maths (STEM).

The University of Adelaide Higher Education Relations Grant is a partnership between the University and Boeing. The grant will be used in 2023 for sponsorship of student programs and initiatives that aim to promote STEM and diversity, and grow and inspire a pipeline of new talent and support student and technology development.

“The University of Adelaide is proud to partner with Boeing to help us educate the next generation of leaders in STEM,” said the University of Adelaide’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Jennie Shaw.

“We aim to educate students to be the next generation of leaders in their chosen fields, including in STEM subjects.

“The innovative work that our students undertake comes from the ingenuity and intelligence of talented individuals working together to problem-solve and achieve goals. Research shows that diversity can benefit all of these things.”

The grant, aims to benefit approximately 620 students, including 50 Indigenous and 300 high school students, with a focus on women in STEM; 70 students who will compete in the University’s Australian Rover Challenge where students build, operate and compete semi-autonomous lunar rovers; and 150 first year students participating in the University’s design and build competition. There will be three scholarships, one each for a software engineering student, a female STEM student and an Indigenous business student.

The grant will also support the University’s Ingkarni Wardli Technologies Program, a holiday program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students in Years 10, 11 and 12 with an interest in STEM. This immersive camp gives high school students the opportunity to experience the many different ways that science, engineering, architecture, mathematics and/or computer science can be applied to the real world.

“We aim to educate students to be the next generation of leaders in their chosen fields, including in STEM subjects."The University of Adelaide’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Jennie Shaw.

“Partnering with the University of Adelaide is helping build our talent pipeline for research and development of undersea autonomy, robotics and Artificial Intelligence in support of growing Australia’s aerospace capability,” said Boeing Defence Australia Director Supply Chain Management, and University of Adelaide Executive Leader, Naomi Smith.

“This robust collaboration is also part of our commitment to creating unique careers in STEM and advancing an inclusive and globally diverse culture.”

Scholarships included in the grant will help students with education and living costs and the costs of design and build competitions.

“The Higher Education Relations Grant will help to strengthen participating students’ learning experience and skill development by encouraging them to apply their abilities and knowledge in practical applications. The grant will enable senior secondary school students to experience immersive STEM studies and also prepare University of Adelaide students for real-world, creative careers in STEM,” said Professor Shaw.

About Boeing

After more than 95 years, Boeing Australia is the leading aerospace company in the region. Our 4000 plus employees work across the broadest aerospace portfolio in Australia, including advanced manufacturing, defence, services, and research and development. We have a thriving Australian supply chain supporting our operations, and we're proud to partner with great organisations that support veterans, STEM and the communities we live and work in.

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