Copper, hydrogen bids through to next round


Two Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bids led by the University of Adelaide Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources are through to the next stage of the Federal Government’s funding process. CRC grants aim to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.

The Copper for Tomorrow and Scaling Green Hydrogen Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bids have progressed to stage two of the selection process.

The proposed Copper for Tomorrow CRC will bring together industry and researchers to enable the Australian copper industry to be the solution to and for a global net zero future.

With forecasts predicting a looming supply shortfall, the copper industry needs to close the gap between copper endowment and production levels without adverse impacts to the environment and society. Known and new resources need to be developed at pace.

There is an opportunity to produce Australian copper that can be certified as low emission, low water ‘green’ copper. Australia is well placed to lead the development of these technologies and methods and take them to a global market through the vibrant Australian mining, equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

Only six bids have been approved by The Hon Ed Husic MP, the Minster for Industry and Science, to go through to the next stage of the Round 24 bidding process.

The Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC aims to become the largest single initiative in the country focused on supporting the vital scaling up of the emerging Australian green hydrogen sector to allow us to realise these expectations.

Australia has always been a global energy powerhouse. While it is currently coal, oil and gas, the country potentially has the renewable energy to keep supplying energy to the world during and after the clean energy global transition. Green hydrogen is a key pillar of this.

Growing a nascent industry will need complex, multisectoral and systemic cooperation. There is currently no effective strategy on how big, how fast, how soon and who pays.

The Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC will help de-risk the transition through collaboration and government co-funding.

Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Grants provide funding for medium to long-term, industry-led research collaborations. The University’s bid teams will submit a Stage 2 application as part of the next step of the process. The Federal Government will announce the outcomes of the bids in December 2023.

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