Response to YouX Statement

Barr Smith Library

The University of Adelaide rejects all forms of hate and prejudice, including antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of racism and religious intolerance.

The University of Adelaide acknowledges the statement made by YouX. It is important to recognise that YouX, the student union, is independent of the University of Adelaide, with its own board of directors and management team. The University has no operational or executive control of YouX.

On Dit is a student publication controlled by elected student editors who have independent editorial responsibility for its content. On Dit is not a University of Adelaide publication. YouX has authority over the rules that govern Student Media, including On Dit magazine. 

We understand that YouX’s publication of the article caused distress and harm to some students, staff and members of the broader university community. We welcome the statement made by YouX and hope that it provides some comfort to those who have been impacted.

Any further enquiries on the matter should be directed to YouX.

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