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Project fights food waste in tourism

A buffet with silver food warmers and a stack of plates.

A new research project that focusses on how to reduce food waste in the tourism industry could contribute to lasting environmentally-friendly change.

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Making good from agricultural and food waste

apples, orchard

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have identified a ‘greener’ process for extracting health-promoting molecules found in agricultural and food waste, which can be repurposed in products such as skincare and pharmaceuticals.

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Understanding behaviour around food waste

Image of a household food waste bin

A new research project aims to understand household behaviours around food waste in order to reduce the amount of food sent to landfill. It will promote a circular economy where the nutrients from food waste go back into the compost industry, and ultimately save greenhouse gas emissions from damaging our climate further when food waste rots in landfill.

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