Introducing the Thought Leadership Series

Craig McCallum

The University of Adelaide has a historical reputation as an esteemed leader in providing quality teaching, learning and research, both within Australia and globally.

Our researchers and academics have provided world class ideas and thought leadership to influence, support, drive and motivate progress and change in a world defined by technological disruption and transition to an information-based economy for 150 years. Today we also face the disruption of the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Beyond, the C-19 outbreak is the next wave of disruption framed as the biggest economic shock since World War II. And it isn’t just an economic shock - it is a shock to the behaviours and models of consumers, business, community, and government. To handle these shocks, we all need to adopt operating models, policies, strategies and mindsets that accommodate the extreme level of uncertainty facing our businesses and our communities.

The University of Adelaide is a trusted educational partner with a long history of improving lives and delivering progressive community outcomes through education and research; it is therefore essential that we respond as leaders to this significant challenge across our entire local and global community. As a first step, we are delighted to introduce you to our Thought Leadership series that reflects dynamic, contemporary and highly relevant, innovative ideas, guidance and factors of influence to assist you to navigate and prepare for post C-19.

Our Thought Leadership Series will be readily available and regularly added to, and will reach a broad audience that we seek to support and partner with as we maintain our daily construct and as we move towards finding and establishing our new norm.

In partnership with our respected units of the University of Adelaide, namely Executive Education and Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) we are also launching a new suite of Online Short Courses. The suite of offerings will soon extend with input from our Faculties and specialist Institutes.

Our Online Short Courses are highly topical and both prepare and support learners during this time of significant change. The courses are delivered entirely online and are suitable for a range of learners in various stages of their learning journey. It is important that just as our learners require responsive action to cope and manage change, that our virtual short courses highlight the adaptability, inclusivity and flexibility, of online learning. As a trusted educational and research partner for many Australians and global citizens, we welcome you to this platform promoting virtual, ‘bite-size’, continuous learning.

Be assured that while we respond with resilience and agility to our current circumstances both personally and professionally, this is a journey we must undertake as one. The University of Adelaide is a committed partner, for the long term, in reskilling, upskilling and new-skilling of our state, the nation and the international workforce. This edition of Thought Leadership and our continuing and professional education Online Short Courses demonstrates that commitment.

I would like to thank our contributors to our Thought Leadership series and our Online Short Courses. I invite you to share ideas with me about future Thought Leadership topics and Online Short Courses that will prepare you, your colleagues and your community, for the return to our new way of life, post C-19.

Craig McCallum, MBT, BBM (Hons)
Executive Director – Education Transformation 

For more information about our short courses, please visit our Online Short Courses page.