The Roadmap to Recovery

Australian country road

As we approach the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, or as commonly referred to by the Australian Government, ‘the roadmap to recovery’, it is an opportune time to consider our society and the economy, of and for, the future. Whether via conversations with our peers, communication with our families, information from the media, or in our research and education, we have all fundamentally re-evaluated our values and lives in the context of our recent isolation.

This process has been transformative for us all – I hope that as we transition on that metaphoric road, we will all transform our journeys to ensure we safely arrive at our destination/s but that we remember, we are all now part of a global community which is inextricably connected.  

We have been delighted to receive such positive feedback in relation to the launch of our new Thought Leadership series. We have strong aspirational goals to further develop the Thought Leadership series including the addition of webinars on contemporary issues challenging the Australian and global communities.

I mentioned in our previous edition that the University of Adelaide is trusted education partner and has been for almost 150 years. Part of the University’s success is the partners we work with and seek to work with into the future. We encourage you to become our partner in relation to our Thought Leadership series by sharing your ideas and concepts for future editions. We welcome your feedback at any time and commend this next edition of the Thought Leadership series to you. 

Craig McCallum, MBT, BBM (Hons)
Executive Director – Education Transformation

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