Embracing Change

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One of the most important and potentially positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been our individual and collective capacity to re-examine or focus on our health and wellbeing.

We have re-evaluated what we are capable of doing and focussed on those things which positively influence our personal and professional wellbeing. Conversely, we have reflected on changing our lives to remove the ‘negative’ influences which distract from achieving the ‘positive’ outcomes.

For many of us, as we return to a new normal, we must carry these changes into the frame of our personal and professional wellbeing and our positive mindset. We must remind ourselves to be constantly reflecting and valuing positive change. This process will enable and support true transformational change.

This edition of Insights is focussed on leadership and wellbeing in times of crisis and includes thought leadership as to how we embrace and manage change, for positive outcomes, in business and our communities. In Higher Education, we will be faced with many long term challenges, and the University of Adelaide is proactively responding to these challenges from an appreciative inquiry approach – which is:

  • Discovery – appreciating what the best is for the University.
  • Dream – imaging what could be for the University.
  • Design – determining what should be for the University.
  • Destiny – creating will be for the University.

This appreciative inquiry approach enables us to build and frame a sustainable, dynamic and resilient University community, including our learners, for the future.

Craig McCallum, MBT, BBM (Hons)

Executive Director – Education Transformation 
Division of Academic and Student Engagement (DASE)
The University of Adelaide

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