Fundamentals of Spirit Production – A Boutique Perspective

A short course designed for boutique distillers.

Are you interested in producing high quality beverage spirits? Are you already in, or planning to join, the spirit industry?

This 5-day intensive course takes a practical and industry oriented approach to provide an introduction to distillation theory and practice - before diving deeper into gin and whisky production.

You will gain an overview of the fundamentals of the distillation process and production of different spirits from an understanding of how various raw materials are transformed into these spirits.

The course will enable you to engage in a pot still distillation run and guided spirit tastings, participate in a gin masterclass and a have a full day visit to boutique distilleries to gain insight into the processes for whisky and gin production.

Industry experts will feature prominently to impart their knowledge of distillation and the production of spirits, with a focus on gin, whisky, rum and vodka.

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If you are interested in being in the spirit industry then this course is a good place to start. It gives you the basic fundamentals, good real life examples and provides you with a network of peers who are all at a similar level to learn with along the way.Ann Houlihan (Great Ocean Road Gin)