Team Leader Toolkit

Do you want to gain useful strategies essential to being a high performing team leader?

Our Team Leader Toolkit brings together four critical skill-sets that will enable you to immediately make a difference as a manager: influence, delegation, leading change and performance management. 

An ideal introduction for the busy team leader, these intensive and highly practical workshops will give you the skills you need to manage at your best!

The following courses in this series can be undertaken face-to-face or online 

Delegate Effectively

Develop the powerful management tool of effective delegation, ensuring that the tasks we delegate are completed to the standards required.

  • Identify the appropriate person to delegate the appropriate task.
  • Conduct an effective delegation conversation.
  • Identify your own personal responses that may encourage delegated tasks to return to you, rather than stay with the person assigned.

Change Management Fundamentals

Understand and lead change effectively using the popular ‘Change House’ model.

  • Appreciate your role as a leader and manager in change.
  • Gain insights into how you and others cope during change.
  • Strategies for involving your team members in the change process and supporting them throughout the change.
  • An understanding of the change process and tools for developing a change plan.

Influence for Positive Outcomes

Learn to positively influence the thinking, decision-making and actions of a wide range of people.

  • Identify the opportunities for influence within a situation.
  • Identify the decision making criteria used by the other person in a conversation.
  • Deal with the emotion in a situation.
  • Use influential language to speak persuasively.
  • Use structure to manage and lead a conversation.
  • Use models of influence in individual conversations and groups.

Performance Management

Managing performance is an ongoing activity that begins with understanding your people and what motivates them, ensuring clarity and alignment in their goals and providing meaningful and clear feedback.

  • See the link between business performance and individual performance.
  • Set meaningful and measurable objectives aligned to organisation goals and individual responsibilities.
  • Understand what motivates your team members, as well as, understanding your own motivational factors.
  • Provide clear and meaningful feedback.
  • Manage poor work performance - dealing with people openly and fairly.

You can enrol in the courses individually or enrol in your choice of two to all four courses and save!

  Fee Save
Two courses $790 $50
Three courses $1110 $150
Four courses $1430 $250

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