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The examples found here are all currently from the University of Adelaide, and comprise  Small Group Discovery Experience (SGDE) examples.

This page then provides links to the University of Adelaide documents on the SGDE as well as to the Research Skill Development framework (RSD) that is used in these examples to scaffold skill development.

In summary, the intention is that:

a university should focus on the essence of what research offers: the rigour of the scientific method, the search for empirical evidence, the beauty of logic and of patterns, the value of innovation, the creativity of problem solving and the intrinsic worth of knowledge. The University of Adelaide will return research to undergraduate teaching, so that every student in every program comes to experience the scholarship of discovery as the highlight of their learning experience. (The Centrality of Small-Group Discovery, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President.)


Click on the following links to find:

  • documents relating to the University of Adelaide Small Group Discovery Experience
  • links to the RSD framework that was used as a conceptual model for some of the Small Group Discovery Experiences
  • a variety of examples from different disciplines.
Research Skill Development

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