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The Energy, Mining and Resources School Outreach program offers a year-round calendar of activities for Years 7-12 students.

In-school workshops

We offer a range of interactive, Australian Curriculum-aligned workshops for your classroom. With a focus on emerging technologies and the role the energy, mining and resources industry is playing in our transition to decarbonisation, workshops are designed to spark student interest and showcase the diverse career opportunities available in the sector.

  • Resourcing our world: essential elements for our everyday lives

    What is a smart phone made up of and where do these materials come from? The Periodic Table of Elements makes up the food we eat, the materials we use to build our homes and infrastructure, and the technologies we rely on in the modern world. In this workshop, students will be tasked with identifying common elements from the Periodic Table that make up items we interact with on a daily basis. Students will gain an insight into how our modern life, including technology and renewable energy future, is made possible by mining and mineral extraction.

    Capacity (min. & max): 10 min – 40 max 
    Year levels: 8, 9 
    Duration: 45 - 50 min
    Study area (s): Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences

  • Discover your future: careers workshop

    The Careers Workshop is designed to help students explore pathways to a future career in the energy, mining and resources industry as part of their career exploration. With a focus on technological advancements and innovations in the sector, this session highlights the diversity of careers in the energy, mining and resources industry, from engineering and science disciplines to community engagement to business management. Throughout the session students will explore their interests and determine how these can be translated into viable employment outcomes. The workshop is interactive and students complete a career planning workbook as part of the session.

    Capacity (min. & max): 5 min – 50 max 
    Year levels: 10, 11, 12 
    Duration: 45 - 60 min

  • Hydrogen racecars: a roadmap to decarbonisation

    South Australia is leading the nation in renewable energy resources and our race to decarbonisation. The demand for hydrogen, specifically green hydrogen, is expected to grow six-fold by 2050 and is crucial for meeting our global net-zero emissions targets. In this workshop, students will learn about green hydrogen production through the concept of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis and apply this in a practical setting to a hydrogen-fuelled race car. Tasked with investigating the application of green hydrogen in the transportation industry, students will debate the pros and cons of their findings.

    Capacity (min. & max): 10 min – 30 max 
    Year levels: 9, 10, 11, 12 
    Duration: 45 - 50 min
    Study area (s): Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science

  • Revolutionising mining: the power of automation

    Australia’s mining industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, leading the way by adopting emerging technologies that enhance safety, sustainability, and productivity within the sector. This workshop will provide students with hands-on experience with digital technologies and the opportunity to learn about the world of mine automation. Tasked with navigating an autonomous machine (Sphero RVR+) through a ‘mine site’, students will apply their knowledge of block coding in a team to successfully navigate a robot through the mine site. By encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the workshop aims to inspire students to consider the career possibilities in automation in the mining industry.   

    Capacity (min. & max): 10 min – 30 max 
    Year levels: 7, 8, 9, 10
    Duration: 45 - 50 min
    Study area (s): Automation, Coding, Engineering

On-campus events

On-campus events offer students an immersive experience at the University of Adelaide.

With the opportunity to engage 1-on-1 with current students, academics, industry professionals and future employers in the energy, mining and resources sector, these on-campus events will support students in linking secondary schooling to university study and associated career opportunities.

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