Cheating in Exams

Cheating in Examinations means engaging in dishonest practice or breaching the rules during or in relation to examinations, which can include, but is not limited to: 

  • communicating in any way during an examination with any person who is not an Exam Invigilator (i.e. the person supervising the exam) inside or outside the examination venue
  • giving or accepting assistance from any person who is not an Exam Invigilator whilst in the examination venue
  • reading, copying from or otherwise using another student’s work in an examination or knowingly allowing a student to do so
  • possessing, referring to or having access to any material or device containing information directly or indirectly related to the subject matter under examination, other than that explicitly approved by the Course Coordinator 
  • acquiring, or attempting to acquire, possess or distribute examination materials or information without approval
  • permitting another person to attend an examination on a student’s behalf or attending an examination on behalf of another student
  • breaches of the exam rules and guidelines.

Online exams

Online exams provide a different environment for taking your exams than an in-person invigilated exam.

Some exams are online invigilated exams. If you have an online invigilated exam, make sure you read the guidelines to understand how you need to set up your space, and which (if any) materials you are permitted to use during the exams.