Award Processes

In order to achieve the Adelaide Graduate Award you will need to meet all of the following criteria by the time you graduate:

  • Enrol online via Career Hub
  • Complete the mandatory online orientation
  • Develop a plan for how you are going to achieve the Award
  • Complete at least 150 hours of eligible activities with a minimum of 30 hours volunteering while enrolled in your degree
  • Participate in two career development activities through Careers Services
  • Do at least two activities, and you must have activities for at least two out of the three Award categories; University Community, Global, Cultural and Social, and Creativity & Innovation.
  • Log each activity you complete online via Career Hub and write a brief reflection of your experience
  • Submit your LinkedIn profile, and either a resume or a one-minute video profile
  • Finalise your Award by completing a 500-750 word written reflection of your personal and professional development over the duration of the Award. The reflection is assessed, and you must pass this step to achieve the Award.
  • You must successfully graduate from your degree to receive the Adelaide Graduate Award. Full details about the Award requirements can be found in the Adelaide Graduate Award guidelines
  • In order for an activity to be eligible, it must meet all of the following criteria

    The activity must develop your employability skills and you must be able to describe how you developed those skills in a written reflection

    • You must not be getting credit for the activity in your degree
    • The activity must not be a requirement of your degree (e.g. extra mural studies)
    • The activity should align with one of the three categories of the Award
    • You must be  an active participant in the activity
    • You must be enrolled in your current degree at the University of Adelaide while you undertake the activity

    You can include any volunteering, work experience, paid work, professional development or personal development activities that meet all the eligibility criteria as long as you can provide evidence of the hours you completed.

  • Types of eligible activities

    • Vice Chancellor's Orientation Host Program
    • University or Faculty Peer Mentor or Ambassador
    • Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Leader
    • Wirltu Yarlu Tutor
    • University Club Executive or Committee Member
    • Sports Club Executive or Committee Member
    • Volunteer for a not-for-profit organisation like Red Cross, Smith Family, Amnesty International, Guide Dogs SA, Conservation Volunteers SA

    Activities that don’t count toward the Award, include being a participant in a clinical trial, playing casual sports, taking an exercise class, a course you completed at another University.