"The Adelaide Graduate Award was a fantastic experience. It not only really improved my awareness of the employability skills I developed throughout the program, but also the employability skills I already possessed. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"




"The Adelaide Graduate Award is a great opportunity for students to learn about employability skills before they graduate. The Award encouraged me to take extra-curricular activities and reflect on professional growth after doing the activities. I learned planning, organising, teamwork, and communication skills during my extra-curricular activities. I believe these skills will be beneficial for my future career. The whole experience of doing the Award has been memorable for me. I am really glad I joined this Award."




"Participating in the Adelaide Graduate Award is the best way to get recognition of your extra-curricular experiences. The Award is not only an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your extra-curricular activities to future employers, but also an effective means of reflecting on your achievements alongside studies. It has prepared me for professional life and I highly recommend future students take part in this program."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Arthur

"The best aspect of the Adelaide Graduate Award was the in-depth reflection that you are required to do as part of the program. It serves as a great way to not only recall and articulate what you have done while undertaking the co-curricular activity but to actively understand how much personal growth I have experienced during my University experience, enabling me to chart out my journey and identify key experiences that have shaped who I am today."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Arunima

"The Adelaide Graduate Award came at a time when I was desperately searching for something that would make all the experiences I had, during my university years, count. Even though they were on my resume, I was looking for something more than that. I wanted to show that all my extra-curricular activities and experience had a lot more meaning to it. I would recommend all students be a part of the Adelaide Graduate Award; it is one way to get a lot more out of your university life than just a degree. I know a lot of students who barely have any relevant experiences and the Award is one of the significant ways to motivate you to do something about it. The best part about this Award is that there is no right or wrong; everything you do is very important, be it volunteering at Comic Con or a Vacationers at EY."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Dimitrios

"What better way to demonstrate your skills and stand out from the crowd, than by undertaking the Adelaide Graduate Award program. Without a doubt, you will gain working experience and develop invaluable skills that will contribute to your future career. Work hard and it will pay off. People do notice."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Irene

"It is valuable to have employability experiences but it is of unimaginable value to have reflected on how these skills flourished within you through these experiences via the aid of the Adelaide Graduate Award."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Jane

"The Adelaide Graduate Award provided a great pathway for me to receive recognition for the extra-curricular volunteer activities and work experience that I completed throughout my undergraduate degree. This program has taught me how to translate the knowledge and skills I've developed over the last three years into opportunities for my future career."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Jarad

"Participating in the Adelaide Graduate Award program helped me immensely to unveil my potential as a future valuable and enthusiastic employee. Also, it provides me with the tools to expand, flex and grow my employability prospects and goals after I leave university and that having a disability is no obstacle or barrier when getting into the workplace."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Megan

"The Adelaide Graduate Award allowed me to develop both professionally and personally, and develop skills like communication, teamwork and time management in a practical setting, which I will continue to draw on throughout my career. Through the activities I completed as part of the program, I am more equipped for a graduate role and have a better idea of what career path I am passionate about and wish to pursue."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Qi Zheng

"The Adelaide Graduate Award is not only a great way to showcase your extra-curricular involvement to your employers, it's also a great way of reflecting on your achievements during your time at university. I would highly recommend it, as it is a great addition to your CV and would greatly increase your employability."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Sanjam

"Most students have a perception that university is all about gaining academic knowledge, but it is essential to embrace other opportunities that help you gain skills that simply cannot be taught in classrooms. The Adelaide Graduate Award helped me recognise and translate my extra-curricular experiences into critical employability skills. It has not only helped me prepare for my professional life, but has also made me confident for life outside of my career."


Adelaide Graduate Award participant, Yohanna

"The Adelaide Graduate Award helped me to seek further understanding of my self learning experiences from work experience and volunteering, so it helped me to increase my confidence level."


"The help of the Adelaide Graduate Award has been greatly appreciated. I'd done a lot of extra-curricular activities throughout my degrees and it's been very rewarding over the years, but the award helped me reflect on just how much has been accomplished, which has really helped me to stay motivated to do all this. As such, I've since told all my friends who are enrolling at the University of Adelaide about the Adelaide Graduate Award, and they are pretty excited about it."


"I gained a new found appreciation for the employability skills I developed though participating in extra-curricular activities while I was studying at university. I now feel more confident when applying for jobs and stepping outside of my comfort zone as I had the opportunity to reflect on these skills whilst I took part in the Adelaide Graduate Award program."


"Participating in the Adelaide Graduate Award and reflecting on my activities helped me in preparing for the professional workforce."


"The Adelaide Graduate Award is a very good initiative to help students understand the importance of extra-curricular activities alongside studies. For me, reflecting on the whole experience was as important as the whole journey."


"The opportunity to undertake the Adelaide Graduate Award program whilst studying at the University of Adelaide has been an insightful, yet invaluable learning experience. The extra-curricular activities that I participated in have extensively developed several transferable skills that will potentially enhance my employability prospects as a graduate teacher. By undertaking the award, my communication, teamwork and leadership skills have flourished as I became confident in adapting to complex situations, and enhanced my interaction with individuals and the broader community. These employability skills are directly transferable towards establishing my 'teacher identity', as now I have the ability to interact effectively with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, share ideas, encourage others to reach their creative potential, and successfully network with educational stakeholders to excel in the profession."