Award Requirements

To achieve the Adelaide Graduate Award, you will need to complete the following:

  • 1. Register

    All students currently enrolled in a degree at the University of Adelaide are eligible to register for the program.

    Register as early as possible in your degree to gain the most value from the program.

    Register now for the Adelaide Graduate Award

  • 2. Complete the MyUni Orientation

    The online orientation course explains everything you need to know to successfully achieve the Award. Complete the orientation as early as possible in your degree.

  • 3. Submit your Development Plan

    Creating a plan helps you set goals. It also enables you to think about which specific employability skills you want to develop. You list activities that you ideally want to complete for the Award in your plan.

    Submit your plan as early as possible in your degree, using the web form in your Award Checklist.

  • 4. Complete at least 150 hours of extra-curricular experiences

    You complete at least 150 hours of eligible extra-curricular activities (including at least 30 hours of volunteering) during your degree.

    You must do at least two different eligible activities, and you must complete activities from at least two out of the three Award categories:

    • University Community
    • Global, Cultural and Social
    • Creativity and Innovation

    Log each activity you complete via your online Award Checklist and write a brief reflection of your experience.

  • 5. Attend two Career Services workshops or events

    To help you prepare for your graduate future, you attend two Career Services workshops or events. You can choose from a range of sessions such as resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, interview skills, and employer events.

  • 6. Submit your resume and LinkedIn profile

    Prepare professional documents to impress employers. Your resume and LinkedIn must include the extra-curricular activities you have completed for the Award. 

  • 7. Submit a 500-750 word Written Reflection

    Finalise your Award by completing a 500-750 word written reflection of your personal and professional development over the duration of the Award. 

    This is a critical self-reflection about your experiences in two different Award activities and how those experiences resulted in developing specific employability skills.

    The reflection is assessed, and you must pass this step to achieve the Award.