Why sign up for the Adelaide Graduate Award?

Be recognised

You'll receive formal recognition of your extra-curricular experiences as the Award is listed on your formal University transcript.  You'll also receive a certificate.

The most important things you get from the Award are not the piece of paper or the entry on your transcript, but what you can do and show as a result of undertaking the development process.

Develop your employability skills

The Award recognises your participation in non-academic activities while studying at the University. It also encourages you to reflect on, and develop, the employability skills that can be gained through taking part in activities outside your degree.

The experience of taking part in these activities combined with the ability to reflect on, and actively develop, your skills will help you prepare for your future.

Prepare for life after university

We all know the job market can be tough to break into, but the good news is activities you do outside of your degree are important to employers.

Employers are looking for employees who have a proven commitment to personal development and who are able to articulate their skills and abilities. The Award will help you when it comes to applying for jobs.

Build your resume

While the Award is a great way to boost your resume, the real value of the Award is not how it looks on your resume, but rather the ability to explain to employers that you are able to not only recognise your skills and abilities, but that you have taken active steps to develop these further.

As with anything you include in a resume, it is your ability to describe your involvement with the process and the learning that you went through, that is attractive to employers.