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Student Affairs

Welcome to Student Affairs

Student Affairs is responsible for providing information and advice to students and staff about student-related policy and grievance procedures and their application to University life.

Our key responsibilities are:

  • Assisting students and staff with the interpretation and implementation of student-related policies
  • Providing advice to students and staff on grievance and complaint procedures
  • Providing support to students and staff on student conduct procedures (including plagiarism and cheating). See Academic Dishonesty Procedures - Staff Support Kit
  • Providing advice and executive support for the Student Misconduct Tribunal and Student Grievance and Appeals Committees
  • Negotiating settlement agreements for complaints in with internal parties only as part of the Student Grievance Resolution Process
  • Investigating misconduct and unfair treatment allegations - reports of misconduct by University staff or students, including bullying, discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment or sexual assault in keeping with the Student Behaviour and Conduct Procedure
  • Participating in Policy Working Groups on the development of University student-related policies
  • Reviewing decisions in relation to the remission of HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP
  • Providing suggestions for improvement to University services, decisions or processes through the Student Process Review Committee
  • Monitoring, assessing and reporting on trends and systemic issues identified in Internal University Appeals, against academic and administrative decisions, to generate improvements and implement preventative mechanisms where possible.


Any enquiries concerning the above can be forwarded to Student Grievance and Conduct Advisors:

Student Affairs

Student Services & Administration
Wills Building


Robert Simms
T: +61 8 8313 7503

Kate Borrett
T: +61 8 8313 4456